In Season: Persimmons

By Copper Williams

There’s definitely a reason why this fruit’s Latin name means “Food of the Gods.” Persimmons are delightfully sweet treats to slip your spoon into when ripened. Originating from China, the persimmon has travelled across the world and split into several variations of itself, including the Japanese, American, and Indian persimmon, to name just a few. Regardless of its slight modifications, persimmons are best eaten when they’ve taken on a completely mushy texture. Think that’s rotten? Think again!

Although high in sugar, persimmons boast numerous benefits. Take a bite out of these bad boys and enjoy their antioxidant and vitamin count, including A, C, and Potassium. Its naturally high fiber helps to kick cravings before they can get out of hand, while also promoting healthy digestion. Combine those properties with Betulinic acid, which prevents tumors, Zeaxanthin, which protects your eyes, and Lutein, which combats aging, and you’ve got a super fruit that’s perfect for a plethora of recipes!

As with all good things, keep your daily allotment to moderate amounts, as persimmons are high in fructose, and provide a few more calories than your average fruit. Enjoy them in a light salad, alongside gourmet cheese, or go all out and bake them into a delightful holiday cookie for a treat that no one in the family can ignore!

img_4032Persimmon Old Fashioned by Townehouse
Enjoy this seasonal specialty, with brandy, brown sugar and cinnamon, club soda, a few extra ingredients and, of course, lovely persimmon reduction!

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