Donut-cha Love Donuts?

Nothing beats the pillowy-plump taste of a freshly prepared donut straight out of the kitchen!  Dusted in powdered sugar, it’s the ultimate treat anytime of the year. But when combined with something cold and super sweet, you get a confection that’s fit for our valley’s scorching hot months! Introducing the Aldough, a combination of donut and gelato, merged into one tasty dessert!

Pick one up at Aldo’s Italian Ice & Gelato in Tracy, where their tantalizing array of gelato flavors are all at your disposal when crafting your perfect Aldough. Add some toppings of your choice and you’re ready to hit the city sidewalks all summer long. Give our personal favorite, pistachio, a try!

Grab Two At:

Aldo’s Italian Ice & Gelato
2600 S. Tracy Blvd., Tracy
(209) 836-6022