Perfect that Pose

A How-To Guide on Posing for your Body Type

Your wedding photographs will likely be second to only your memories when it comes to souvenirs from your wedding day. Make sure they represent the best you with these pro tips for how to pose for your body type.


If you’re petite, faking height is often a priority. If your husband is 6’2”, try sitting on his lap or using poses that ask the groom to lean down, meeting you halfway.

Avoid standing next to other tall people and objects that may cause you to look shorter. When you sit down, square your shoulders and sit up tall. You can always wear high heels to gain extra inches.

DON’T try to fake height by taking photos from a low vantage point. Some people think this will make subjects appear taller in photos, but it also causes distortion.


Regardless of size, accentuating curves is often the goal for curvy brides. To make your assets work for you (and not against you), employ a few simple tricks. First, avoid facing the camera straight on. Instead, angle your shoulders away from the camera just a little. Next, relax your shoulders and draw in your core. Lastly, rest all of your weight onto one leg.

DON’T place objects in front of the face to pull focus up. Instead, set items like bouquets in front of the abdomen to allow your face to be the focus.


You wouldn’t think it’d take too much work to help tall brides shine in photos. After all, super models are tall! However, the conundrum comes when the bride is taller than the groom.

Play with angles. Take shots of the bride sitting and the groom standing nearby (or both sitting with her on his lap), lean the bride against a wall while the groom stands tall to disguise a few inches, or place the bride at a 45 degree angle across his lap. Need more? Stairs are your friend.

DON’T wear extremely high heels. Instead, opt for cute flats or low heels.