10 Common Wedding Mistakes

By Nora Heston Tarte

You’ve planned every step of your nuptials down to the final bow of your first dance routine; but are you headed for a common faux pas? Don’t fret! There’s still time to adjust your game plan before saying “I do.”

  1. Using your wedding dress as a goal to lose weight. Pre-wedding weight loss is par for the course, but nothing can ruin your wedding day more than feeling like an overstuffed sausage in a too-taut gown.
  1. Being a copycat. It’s okay to seek inspiration from past affairs, but don’t forget to infuse your own style into the day.
  1. It’s hard not to go crazy over candelabras and seven-tiered cakes, but going broke over your wedding shouldn’t be an option.
  1. Keeping the purse strings too tight. Sure you can’t break the budget on everything, but allow yourself to splurge within reason.
  1. Forgetting the groom. Everyone says it – the bride is the center of attention, but remember, it’s his day, too.
  1. Drinking too much. Yes, you should enjoy yourself on your big day; and yes, you should remember it, too.
  1. Letting too many voices in. Your sister, best friend and mother-in-law may all have detailed visions of your special day, but don’t be afraid to remind them that it’s your day, not theirs.
  1. Ignoring the guests. Yes, the day is about your and your partner’s everlasting love, but your wedding should offer some enjoyment for your guests, as well.
  1. Being wishy-washy. It can be hard to commit to details, especially when you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime event, but too much back and forth can cause you to miss out on what you truly want out of your day.
  1. Forgetting the meaning of your big day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by red roses and while tulle, but don’t let the details fog the true meaning of marriage.

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