Herbal Opportunities

Green’s Nutrition stocks old-school bank vault with powerful remedies There are tea drinkers and there are herb enthusiasts. These folks pick up a box of chamomile at the local grocery store or grab a few stems of lavender at the farmers’ market and that’s that. […]

From Plants to Pharmaceuticals

An herbalist’s approach health and wellness Forms of herbs, flowers, plants, and roots were considered the first medicinal drugs some 60,000 years ago. As we progressed, Chinese Emperors, East Indian Ayurvedic practitioners, Egyptian kings, Roman physicians, and Greek botanists, published, preached, and practiced herbal medicine. […]

Root of Goodness

Ginger’s super-charged benefits! From ginger tea and infused smoothies to gingerbread—it seems as if everyone is head over heels for the flowering plant’s rhizome (root), which has been cultivated and used in cultures throughout the globe for centuries. This special spice has cropped up in […]