San Diego

Known for its beaches and warm climate, San Diego is a premier California destination year round, but as we kiss the rainy season good-bye, the timing couldn’t be better for a visit to San Diego. San Diego is truly a destination for every kind of […]

Taking Aim

Breath, posture, focus. Matthias Macasaet lives for all three, drawing the string taut with his right hand. The bow is steady, his arm poised to release the arrow. And as his eyes make one final adjustment, the world fades away, and it’s nothing but Matthias […]

5 Hot 5 Cold

Ten Worthy Winter Trips Winter has welcomed cold weather to San Joaquin County giving residents two choices when it comes to this season’s vacation plans: they can either head to the snow-capped mountains where winter activities abound, or they can get the hell out of […]