A closer look at St. Patrick’s Day

A Whole New Meaning to Going Green

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, and on this day each year we pinch each other, throw pack green beer, embrace our Irish (or not-so-Irish) roots, and teach our kids about leprechauns. But why?

Pinch Me
It’s been engrained in us since we were kids—you better wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or you’ll get a painful pinch! St. Patrick’s Day in America dates back to the 19th century and the story is that if you wear green, leprechauns can’t see you. Why does that matter? Well leprechauns have a habit of pinching people. So, wear green, and they’ll miss you!

As of 2019, that’s what percentage of the U.S. population identified as Irish. Something tells me on March 17, you might see a few more.

St. Patrick’s Day ranks fourth when it comes to drinking holidays

13 million
The number of pints of Guinness served on March 17 each year.

Expert Tip:
Before you throw back a shot or take a sip of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, give a festive Sláinte! (slawn-CHA). That’s the equivalent of Cheers in Irish and it directly translates to health!

Looking for an Irish bar in San Joaquin County?
These local establishments in Stockton and Lodi are typically prime places to celebrate.

Ollie’s Pub

Finnegan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

*Some stats come from WalletHub.com

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