Burger Me! Our Favorite 33 Burger Places in San Joaquin

SJC serves up the best patties and most creative combinations

Fried eggs, avocado, chili, jalapenos, pineapple, donuts—San Joaquin County and its many eateries certainly don’t shy away from experimenting with burger toppings. From breakfast concoctions made with hash browns to loaded burgers dripping with house sauce and other choice ingredients, residents here can stuff their mouth with just about anything on a bun, or even something just akin to a bun, and call it a burger. From tri-tip to fried chicken, Harris ranch beef to bacon, we’re rounding up some of the best, most over-the-top, and truly inventive burgers around. So, get ready to feed your face cause this list is packed with more than 30 burger options and the places to get them. We’ll just go ahead and say this in advance—you’re welcome.

Waffle Burger

@ America Waffles

Ditch the bun—you don’t need it here! At America Waffles it only makes sense that their signature burger comes on a buttermilk waffle instead of a standard bun. In addition to a juicy patty, the waffle burger is stacked with bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, and tomato—and don’t forget the ooey-gooey Swiss cheese dripping off of the burger. The subtly sweet batter balances the saltiness of the rest of the toppings, making for a decadent lunch with just a little bit of breakfast flair. 1540 E. March Ln. # B5, Stockton, (209) 951-1175

Donut Burger

@ Bigworms Bakery & Deli

Oh yes—you heard that right. This breakfast combo mixes two of your favorite morning staples—donuts and an egg sandwich. Two meat patties are layered with cheese, two slices of bacon, one egg, and two onion rings, topped off with Big Worms house sauce and sandwiched between a glazed donut. 8118 N. West Ln. Stockton, (209) 451-3375

Bob’s Giant Cheeseburger

@ Bob’s at the Marina

This Stockton staple may sound a bit basic, however, it’s anything but. Bob’s Giant Cheeseburger is an over-the-top creation made with 1/3-pound beef patty and two slices of American or Monterey Jack cheese (your choice!) Just like Bob’s Giant Hamburger (the cheese-less version), this beauty also comes stacked with dressing, mustard, onions, lettuce, and tomato all on an over-sized bun. Grub yours on the outdoor patio while the weather is warm or enjoy the 1950s atmosphere and décor inside at the Delta eatery. 6639 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, (209) 957-3279, BobsAtTheMarina.com

Cast Iron Burger

@ Cast Iron Trading Co.

Like most of the items on Cast Iron’s menu, the burger is just a turned up version of a classic, slightly more extravagant than your typical patty with cheese. Bite into the signature burger and into a 1/3-pound patty made of Podesto’s market beef, topped with caramelized onions, arugula, rocket-basil pesto, and Alabama white sauce all on an artisan bun. But perhaps the best part is the additions available for this spectacular dish. For a few extra dollars you can load it up with avocado, bacon, and cheese. Or, try the vegetarian version made with a beyond meat patty and offered with vegan cheese. 114 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton, (209) 227-8585

Chubby Chuck Hamburger

@ Chuck’s Hamburgers

Come hungry enough to dive into this hearty hamburger from Chuck’s. The ¾-pound patty is just the beginning of this salacious build. Loaded up with onions, pickles, tomatoes, mayo, and lettuce, despite the size of this burger you’re going to want to turn to the fixin’ list for more. Here, you can add Ortega chili, bell peppers, half an avocado, sautéed mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, two slices of bacon, or cheese (Jack, American or Swiss) for an even chubbier burger. The secret behind these delectable burgers are the patties. Made from ground beef and formed fresh, it makes all the difference! 5939 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 473-9977

Big “Tex” Burger

@ The Creamery

Everything is over-the-top at this Stockton diner-esque eatery, but the Big “Tex” Burger is in a league of its own! Piled high, this burger belongs on your Instagram feed before it hits your belly. Complete with cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, onion rings, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and burger sauce atop a grilled sesame seed bun, this towering burger is served with a steak knife right through the top. Dig in—and grab some napkins—it’s about to get messy. 5756 Pacific Ave. # 3, Stockton, (209) 952-1111

Loaded Burger

@ Delta Bistro

Loaded is right. Nobody is skimping on this colossal whopper. The Loaded Burger at Delta Bistro comes stacked with cheese, bacon, ham, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle all set atop 12 oz. of gourmet beef patties from Niman Ranch. As if that isn’t enough, each burger is served with fries, soup, or salad—we suggest an upgrade to crispy onion rings with this one. Challenge: see if you can slip one of those babies into the burger for even more crunch. And keep this in mind—this burger is one you can feel good about biting into. The mission behind Niman Ranch, who supplies Delta Bistro the beef, is a focus on humane and sustainable practices. 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton, (209) 323-3131, UniversityPlazaWaterfrontHotel.com/Dining

Big 10 Burger

@The Downtowner

The magic may be in the meat on this mouthwatering burger. The ½-pound beef patty is made with grass-fed beef, creating the perfect base for the rest of this beauty. Leave it to the pros to make a masterpiece out of classic toppings—lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo are all this burger needs to stand out, served on a brioche bun. Choose between a salad or veggie sticks to finish the meal healthy.

Mad Cow

@ Flip’s Burgers

Step away from the standard and opt for this smokin’ hot rendition of a burger from Flip’s, a humble fast food joint in Stockton. The Mad Cow is made up of a meat patty smothered in chipotle sauce and topped with bacon, fried jalapenos, grilled onions, and a fried egg. Each bite offers a lot of sauce, a satisfying crunch, and more flavor than you knew could be packed into a burger, with juicy egg yolk running down the sides. Our suggestion? Grab a stack of napkins and enjoy! 2503 Waterloo Rd., Stockton,( 209) 943-5477

Stonebrier Burger

@ The Kitchen @ Stonebrier

Stonebrier doesn’t skimp when it comes to crafting a burger. The Stockton restaurant gets started with eight ounces of certified Angus beef patty topped with the classics: lettuce, tomato, and onion. But that’s not all this burger is loaded with. The garlic aioli sauce sets it apart from your standard dish and the chefs recommend loading it up for a more over-the-top lunch, with options to add bacon, cheese, and avocado (or any combination of the three). Served with a pickle. 4780 West Ln., Stockton, (209) 932-9322, TheKitchenAtSB.com

New Orleans Cajun Burger

@ Lodi Beer Company

Take a trip down south to NOLA without leaving downtown Lodi. The New Orleans Cajun Burger is bursting with traditional Louisiana flavor, offering more heat than spice. The charbroiled ½-pound Kobe beef patty is slathered with homemade chipotle dressing and decorated using sautéed red peppers, grilled onions, lettuce, and pepper jack cheese melting over a grilled bun for a colorful presentation of meaty goodness. 105 S. School St., Lodi, (209) 368-9931, LodiBeerCompany.com

Breakfast Burger

@ Midnight at Burnie’s

Who says burgers aren’t for breakfast? With the Breakfast Burger from Burnie’s Drive Up, there’s no reason to wait to indulge. Served all night, anytime is a good time to dive into the creative menu item, fashioned with bacon, hash browns, cheddar cheese, and Burnie’s sauce. The best part? Chefs top it with a fried egg and you get to choose whether or not they pop the yolk. 3221 W. Hammer Ln., Stockton, (209) 952-0057


@ Papa Urb’s Grill

With two locations—one in Stockton and one in Tracy—customers have two chances to get their hands on this Filipino-inspired burger. Order up a round of sliders, concocted with longanisa or tocino and topped with cabbage, stuffed into a Filipino roll. The best way to enjoy the small bite is with Sisig fries, topped with yams, sisig, and Urb sauce. Yum! 549 W. Clover Rd., Tracy, (209) 836-9444 OR 331 E. Weber Ave., Stockton, (209) 227-8144, PapaUrbsGrill.com

Ortega Burger

@ Payter’s

Certainly, the most unique option on Payter’s Great Big Burgers menu is the Ortega burger, a 1/3-pound or ½-pound beef patty (hand-formed daily!) covered with a mild green chili strip and dripping with melted jack cheese, offering a slightly spicy kick. The whole thing is built onto a Genova milk bun, a soft, fluffy roll made right here in Stockton at Genova Bakery. 61 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 477-9513, PaytersGrill.com

The Barnyard

@ Port City Burgers (food truck)

Get ready for a meat overload—The Barnyard at Port City Burgers is loaded with every animal on Old McDonald’s Farm, featuring a ground beef patty, deep-fried chicken breast, and bacon, plus all the extras: cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a fried egg. Want to kick it up a notch? Order that hand-breaded chicken spicy style instead of original. Find it rolling around Pacific Avenue; the truck’s location is always available on the website. Pacific Avenue, Stockton, PortCityBurgers.com

Chorizo Burger

@ Porter’s Pub

This burger brings the heat! A 1/2-pound patty topped with chorizo, applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg, avocado, jalapenos, and chipotle mayo, it is sure to pack some serious spice! Anything but ordinary, Porter’s Pub has perfected this concoction—and it just might be the specialty burger you’ve been dreaming of. Order it up with a side of upgraded fries like the curly, seasoned sidewinder fries or buffalo fries. 121 S. School St., Lodi, (209) 400-7147, PortersPubLodiCA.com

Mt. Tam Burger

@ The Commons

You’ve never seen anything like this sweet, creamy burger. Made with Mt. Tam’s triple cream cheese—a high quality brie—the 6.5-ounce grass-fed, pasture-raised beef patty is given the special treatment, dressed in fruit preserves and topped with candied walnuts and arugula. The Commons is diligent with its rotating menu so head in before it’s gone. We can’t promise this one will stick around! Expert Tip: Don’t skip the duck fat fries, hand-cut and fried in duck fat. 49 W. 10th St., Tracy, (209) 835-5040, TheCommonsSTC.com

Bacon-Infused Challenge

@ The Victory Grill

Step into Victory Grill and take the challenge! If you can eat it all by yourself in one sitting, it’s free. Dubbed the bacon-infused challenge, this burger is made with four bacon-infused patties, and all the toppings, weighing in at a total of two pounds! And don’t forget the 1-pound of fries it comes with. You’ll have to grub all three pounds of food before you leave to get it free, but even if you don’t finish, it’s only a cool $12.1765 Monte Diablo Ave., Stockton, (209) 941-8841, VictoryGrillStockton.com

Aloha Burger

@ Midgley’s Public House

Michael Midgley has done it again! Say Aloha! to a burger that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Hawaii. Ditch the traditional and instead enjoy an eight-ounce certified angus beef patty topped with grilled spam, pineapple, Maui onions, and pepper jack cheese; doused in teriyaki sauce, sriracha mayo, and wasabi cream; and served on a Hawaiian bun. The towering burger is the latest in Midgley’s over-the-top burger creations, showing off the same expert presentation customers have become accustomed to when they order a meal from Midgley’s. Expert Tip: Order it with sweet potato fries. 296 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 474-7700, MidgleysPublicHouse.com

California Classic

@Lodi Airport Café

Rest assured this is not your average airport burger. The hand-made patty is topped with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and ripe California avocados. They finish it off with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo. Maybe it’s the seasoned grill that makes this burger a notch above most, or maybe it’s the quality ingredients sourced from farms just down the road. Either way, its worth the trek to the Lodi Airport in Acampo to satisfy your craving for a burger that is both fresh and flavorful.

23987 N. Hwy. 99, Acampo, (209) 369-6144

Chili-Cheese Avenue Giant Burger

@Avenue Grill

This is the guilty pleasure in life you don’t want to miss. The Avenue Giant Burger is the one that made them famous. Imagine a 1/3-pound fresh patty layered on a giant bun and smothered in chili and cheese. This satisfyingly rich burger is topped off with a signature dressing, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Don’t even try to pick this bad boy up, it’s more of a knife and fork kind of burger. 506 W. Lodi Ave. Lodi, 209-333-8006

Classic Cheeseburger

@Fat City Brew and BBQ

Sometimes simple really is best. At Fat City Brew and BBQ, they serve up one of the best burgers we’ve tried in decades. A juicy—and we mean juicy—half pound patty is hand formed and layered on a Genova roll or hamburger bun. It comes with the traditional fixings of lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo. But take it to the next level by adding bacon and cheddar cheese.  You better bring your appetite, because this burger is seriously tough to put down. 1740 Pacific Ave, Stockton, 209-323-4920

Impossible Burger Not Animal Style

@Market Tavern

Looking for a burger but can’t stomach the thought of consuming meat? Market Tavern has you covered with the vegan Impossible burger! Rest assured the burger isn’t lacking in  flavor. Market Tavern chefs layer vegan cheddar, shredded iceberg lettuce, fresh from the farm tomatoes, caramelized onions, and a vegan thousand island spread and assemble it on pillowy focaccia bread. We can guarantee one thing—you won’t miss the meat. 236 Lincoln Ct., Stockton, (209) 932-8001

Moo’Na Lisa

@Moo Moo’s Burger Barn

One of the sloppiest, most savory burgers around, the Moo’Na Lisa at Moo Moo’s Burger Barn delivers big time! This is the burger you crave when you aren’t counting calories, made with a perfectly seasoned 1/3-pound, all-beef patty and piled high with jack cheese, crispy bacon, avocado, battered jalapeno, Moo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Oh, but wait—there’s more. The grand finale is a fried egg in all its gooey glory atop a soft, Kaiser bun. 113 N. School Street Lodi, (209) 369-9450, and two Stockton locations.

Yaki Burger

@A Moveable Feast

The guys at A Moveable Feast know how to serve up grub meant to be devoured with joy. We’re filling you in on a little-known fact, they have a secret menu—and that’s where you’ll find the yaki burger. Not for the faint of heart, this stacked burger starts with a soft buttery bun and a juicy ground beef patty, oozing cheese, spicy Cajun shrimp, sweet chunks of pineapple, crispy bacon, and teriyaki sauce for a fusion of flavors. Expert tip: be sure to order up some loaded feast fries. 1000 W. Kettleman Ln., Lodi, (209) 642-1877

Short Rib Burger

@Rosewood Bar and Grill

If there is one thing to get excited about, it’s the fact that Rosewood Bar and Grill decided to take their umami bomb of a burger from a Wednesday night special to a full-time menu item. Instead of your typical ground beef, Rosewood goes for the gusto with their short rib patty, loosely formed and dripping with goodness. You might need a bath when you are done eating it, but it’s more than worth it.  28 S. School St., Lodi, (209)369-0470

The Godfather

@Salisbury’s Deli and Grill

Much like the movie it’s named after, the Godfather is a standout. This thing is a behemoth of masculinity served on a grilled, garlic buttered bun and piled with more meat than one person should be able to consume. Mounded to the max with BBQ tri tip, pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, grilled mushrooms, and onions, there is no doubt this combination is one for the record books. Expert tip: forget napkins, you better bring an entire package of wet wipes because this heaping pile of manliness is going to make a mess. 1123 E. Vine St., Lodi, (209) 269-8909

Squeeze Burger with Cheese

@Squeeze Burger

If you haven’t had a Squeeze Burger, drop all your plans and head there stat. Made famous by a feature on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, the Squeeze Burger with cheese is a 1/3-pound burger served on a sesame seed Genova Bakery bun, topped with mayo, mustard, dill pickle, tomato, onions, and lettuce. But that’s not why people from all over California travel for a taste of the squeeze. They call it a skirt, but it’s more like a comforting blanket of cheese heaven that oozes out of all sides of the bun. Crispy, buttery, and oh-so-indulgent-the Squeeze with Cheese is the ultimate burger fantasy you can savor in San Joaquin! 856 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton, (209) 473-2222

Tri-Tip Burger

@Tin Roof

This unassuming joint on Lodi’s industrial side of town is always packed. The reason, beyond the fact that their BBQ is legit, is undoubtedly the tri-tip burger. The use of freshly ground tri-tip, hand formed into a ½-pound patty, and grilled to perfection is simply divine. Seriously juicy, packed with flavor, and downright delicious, they let the beef speak for itself by keeping the toppings—cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, pickles, and thousand island dressing—simple. This is a burger to sink your teeth into. 171 S. Guild Ave. Lodi, (209) 366-1128

Towne House Burger

@Towne House Restaurant

Just because an establishment is fancy doesn’t mean they can’t cook up a mean burger. Towne House proves the point with their Towne House Burger. They start with the good stuff—house ground chuck, like the kind your grandma used to ask the butcher to grind. Then place it on a beautifully buttered brioche bun and garnish it with New York-aged white cheddar cheese. Expert tip: add bacon and/or their famous guacamole. 2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi, (209) 371-6160

Pretzel Burger

@West Oak Nosh

Can we just talk about the role the bun plays in a good burger? At West Oak Nost, the pretzel is the perfect vessel for the restaurant’s seasoned ground beef patty grilled with precision. The rest of the burger is made with thick cut bacon, melted cheese, tangy pickled purple onions, and dark leafy greens. The kicker? The semi-spicy Nosh sauce that takes this combo to burger bliss. Expert tip: opt for the Nosh fries on the side. Thick steak-cut wedges fried to a golden brown and served with a heaping pile of cheddar cheese, spicy jalapenos, and pickled purple onions. And did we mention you can even add one of their house-made sausages or chicken for added protein? We dare you. 10 W. Oak St., Lodi, (209) 224-8157

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  1. Great list …I started a Burger Boys Club in 2017 here in DelWebb Woodbridge, Manteca. We have a group of about 14 and we have gone to 30 plus burger and beer spots within a 20 mile radius of Del Webb. We have been to many more worthy spots than on your list.. We have been to The Squeeze and Bob’s at the Marina…..including Banta Inn, Four Corners, Valley Brewing, Shooters, and Uncle Franks to name a few.

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