Mexican Comfort Food

Soups are center stage this month at Don Luis Mexican Restaurant

As fall gives way to winter, nights are growing longer, temperatures are cooler, and the undeniable hunger for comfort food is raging inside of our bellies. There’s a reason soup is considered the food of the season. In between those hearty turkey dinners, lighter fair that warms your soul is what’s on the menu, and in between slaving over those big holiday meals, it’s ok to treat yourself to a night off from cooking.

At Don Luis Mexican Restaurant in Stockton, customers choose from a variety of soups any night of the week, all created using daily-made stocks. Enjoy flavorful combinations including the exquisitely marinated tender-pork pozole reminiscent of classic Mexican City recipes and the Cuate family recipe used to create authentic menudo made from honeycomb tripe. Sink your spoon into the caldo de camarones (bites of prawn simmered in shrimp stock, blended with sautéed vegetables, and finished with chipotle garnish) or the albondigas (Mexican style meatballs served in chicken broth with fresh vegetables sautéed until tender). Order your soup as a half-size or full, depending on your appetite, (offered on all bowls except for the caldo de camarones).

“Don Luis is fresh, made-to-order, natural ingredients, and the food is very authentic,” says Owner Alex Cuate. “Everyone should come in and eat at Don Luis’s during the holidays.”

For the ultimate Mexican comfort food meal, pair homemade tortillas with any soup from the menu. Instead of crumbling crackers into the broth, dunk shreds of tortilla into the bowl as you go. At Don Luis you can’t go wrong with the soup and tortilla combo because every part of the meal—yes, the tortillas, too—are made fresh.

These steaming soups are surely filling enough to justify being a full meal, but if soup sounds more like an accompaniment to you, try diving into one of Don Luis’ other authentic Mexican dishes. Alex says the torta Cubana, three amigo fajitas (chicken, steak, and shrimp), Chile rellenos, and chipotle fusion are the most popular menu items year round. Plus the establishment offers burgers and sandwiches, too.

Don’t forget to upgrade your drink selection while enjoying breakfast (classic American fare), lunch, or dinner at Don Luis. In December an updated Michelada featuring shrimp and a shot of patron is top-shelf—and recommended by the chef—as well as a collection of tequila shots sourced directly from cities across Mexico.

“We welcome everyone,” Alex assures, noting the casual atmosphere of Don Luis’ is just one way the establishment is family-friendly.

And the eatery also allows customers to make adjustments where necessary.

Staff has adopted a laid-back attitude when it comes to creating your own meal. Some restaurants may scoff at changing an order but at Don Luis the customer is always right. Switch out ingredients, make additions, and customize your food the way you want to eat it. It’s just one more way that Don Luis caters to the whole family regardless of taste buds or diet. Not to mention, through careful plate selection or variations, meals can also be made for those that are gluten-free, vegetarian, or even vegan.

At Don Luis, everything follows tradition, from the cuisine to the décor. Much like the food is prepped from well-worn family recipes, the décor is representative of an important time in Mexico City—the revolution era of the 1920s—which lends to the overall theme of the restaurant.

From start to finish, families are invited to enjoy their dining experience at Don Luis’, dining on some of the best Mexican City-inspired dishes made from decades-old family recipes of the Cuate’s.

 “My biggest goal at Don Luis is to create it’s own legacy,” Alex says.

Come for the Soup, Stay for the Rest:
5940 N. Highway 99, Stockton
(209) 931-9163

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