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Make Boring Walls Pop

Drab walls? Ugh, no. There is nothing worse than a home with white-white walls in every room. Trade in those boring canvases for something that pops! New technology makes changing out wall colors and design easier than ever so you’re not peeling old paper and coating colored walls in several layers of paint to make a difference. Read on to learn about our top picks for wall-makeovers that won’t break your bank or your back.

Wall Art

Don’t want to commit to a whole room overhaul? Brighten a space with a big piece of art. “When hanging artwork always have the centerline of the piece at 60-65 inches,” says Kathleen Jennison, interior designer and owner of KTJ Design Co. “That’s the only rule you have to follow and it is perfect every time.”

From high-end pieces from local galleries to grab-and-go art from local home décor shops, find a piece of art that speaks to you and hang it. Get it Local: Some of our favorite home décor shops include Boxwood Finch, The Purple House, Voila Gifts and Home Décor, and Nava & Co.

Have a piece of art you already like? Refresh it with a new frame. McKinley’s Frame Shop creates custom frames for the art you love.

Removable Wallpaper

You may be asking yourself how removable wallpaper is any different from the paper you’ve been buying for years. Well, get ready to be amazed! The upside to this new trend in wall coverings is how easy it is to remove (and apply). Fitting into the “peel and stick” trend that’s hitting home stores all over, wallpaper is sold in pre-sized strips. Simply peel off the backing and hang the wallpaper up. When you’re done with it, peel it off. No more messy, time-consuming stripping.

Expert Tip: Want to save time and money? Choose one wall to make your accent wall with new paper. It’s very “in” to have a statement wall in your home instead of covering every wall of a room with the same paper. This gives homeowners the opportunity to purchase bold wallpaper without worrying that it will overpower a room.


The paint of any color can add a little interest to a room. For the most impact, opt for a bold, bright color, or design element. “The days of painting the walls tan, the trims bright white and the ceiling flat white are OVER!” Kathleen says. “Painting your room in this fashion will immediately date it.”

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it’s not hard to achieve (and the cost of paint is pretty minimal). Go all over in sunshine yellow or lobster red, or use painter’s tape to create a diamond or stripe pattern on a wall. Again, you can limit the cost and time commitment by focusing on one wall instead of repeating the pattern on all four.

Shelf Arrangements

Let’s go back to decorating walls instead of coating them floor-to-ceiling. Large photos aren’t for everyone, but there are other ways to cover walls with décor. Floating shelves are definitely in, and readily available at most home décor stores, local or not. Pick up a few—but create an interesting design with them instead of just throwing them on the wall.

A Gallery Wall

We’ve got the details on how to master a gallery wall in this issue (see page. ??). Use the guide to cover a plain wall in your home. Pull favorite items you already own and pair them with small pieces you can pick up throughout town. Gallery walls work best when they have special meaning. Choose items that speak to you, and add in personal photos that you love.

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