In the Mood for Seafood

By Caitlin Hamer

As it makes its journey from the depths of churning waters, to our local kitchens, and finally, to the plate, seafood is often as fresh a meal as one can get, even if you’re in city that isn’t close to the coast. But seafood is something that San Joaquin does with style and flavor. Feast your eyes on some of our finest local fish dishes!

Fresh Halibut at Bud’s

Obviously, the menu at Bud’s is a seafood lover’s paradise, but it’s the fresh halibut that has regulars calling to inquire when it’ll make its return. Luckily, we’re in the season for it! Butterflied and panko crusted, the filet is then sautéed to perfection, before being drenched in lemon, butter, and white wine, and topped with capers. It’s melt in your mouth good. Just make sure not to fill up on all that fresh Genova sourdough beforehand!  Bud’s Seafood, 314 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 956-0270,

Dungeness Crab at The Crab Zone

You’re going to need a bib for this one – just try not to be too messy, because you won’t want to waste any bit of this feast! The Crab Zone lives up to their name by offering whole Dungeness crabs, covered in the delicious sauce of your choice. But do yourself a favor and reel in the rest of “The Catch” by diving into a bowl of shrimp, clams, mussels, and crawfish in your preferred flavor. The Crab Zone, 3240 E. Hammer Ln., Stockton, (209) 477-9111,  

Ahi Nachos at Midgley’s

To say that these nachos are life changing would not be an exaggeration. A towering stack of fried won ton chips make up the base of this awesome appetizer, but it only gets better from there. Topped with generous portions of sliced avocado and fresh ahi, sesame seeds, flying fish roe, and seaweed salad, the finishing touch is a hearty drizzle of unforgettable wasabi cream. Grab a chip and try to scoop it all up! Midgley’s Public House, 296 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 474-7700,

Crab Cakes at The Boathouse

Served atop arugula and crostini and topped with fried egg and roasted red pepper remoulade, the house made crab cakes at The Boathouse are both a tasteful and tasty presentation. The tantalizing platter of savory, golden cakes and their colorful and flavorful accompaniments will be just enough to whet your appetite for more scrumptious seafood. So, why not order the steamed clams and mussels plate to accompany them? The Boathouse at River Islands, 980 Lakeside Dr., Lathrop (209) 932-9986,

Seafood Pasta and Asparagus Shrimp Salad at De Vega Brothers

Seafood and vegetables are a match made in heaven, and De Vega Brothers combines these two with aplomb! The first dish to highlight these offerings is their seafood pasta, which combines sautéed salmon, prawns, and scallops with a hearty heaping of fresh and flavorful vegetables, and a creamy sauce to finish. Pair this dish with the asparagus shrimp salad, which also features mixed greens, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and boiled egg, all drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette. De Vega Brothers, 5757 Pacific Ave. A140, Stockton, (209) 323-4339,

Sweet Chili Salmon at Delta Bistro and Lounge

If you like your seafood with a bit of a kick, then get ready to dig in! At the Delta Bistro, fresh Atlantic salmon is sautéed before getting doused in a delectable sweet chili garlic sauce and topped with cilantro, adding unforgettable flavors to a succulent piece of fish. A steaming scoop of house made rice pilaf and your daily dose of greens in the form of fresh broccolini round out this vibrant dish. Delta Bistro and Lounge, 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton, (209) 323-3131,

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