How To: Survive a Heat Game

By Alexandra Krueger

Pro-Tips and Tricks
The sharp chill in the air, the aroma of garlic fries, the sound of beers being drawn from their taps, and the excited murmurs of hundreds of Heat fans fill the Stockton Arena. There’s really nothing like a good hockey game to fire up your winter season, especially when the Stockton Heat is your home team. New to the game? Well, before you go waltzing into the arena like you own the place, there are some things you should know.

Come Prepared:
Dress like you’re going to have a nice family outing in a refrigerator. But, leave the ski jackets at home and get yourself some team merchandise, like Stockton Heat fleece pullovers, sweaters, beanies, caps, etc. Don some denim jeans, close-toed shoes, and definitely don’t forget your giant foam finger. Fans found without their foam finger will be thrown in the Stockton Arena’s dungeon, as per standard protocol.

As for parking, all city parking lots will be $15 on game days and are cash only. If you consider yourself a dedicated fan, check out to preorder parking at a discounted rate. You can purchase parking for games in packs of six, 10, 20, 34, or for the full season.

During Game:
Get fired up! Chant, cheer, and earn fan-bonus points by getting on the big screen and participating in The Wave. Another inevitable part of being a dedicated hockey fan is mentally willing fights to break out via The Force. But, if you’re sitting glass-side and a fight does happen to break out, don’t bang on the glass. Dungeon. Protocol.  

Scattered around the arena are various food vendors peddling beer, energy drinks, fries, and other snacks, so be sure to take advantage of those. (Everybody knows calories don’t count in the Arena.)

Post-Game Grub:
After the game, you’ll be in need of some real food. Check out Delta Bistro at the nearby University Plaza Waterfront Hotel. The restaurant closes at 9 PM, but they serve appetizers until 10, and the bar stays open until midnight.


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