Snack Attack at the Abbey

By Copper Williams

It’s all about the experience when visiting the Miracle Mile’s leading hotspot for brews and bites.

And, not wanting to disappoint, The Abbey Trappist Pub delivers with incredible ales and meals that make you go “Mmmm” in all the right ways! But seriously—don’t take our word for it! Drop on by and order yourself the start of a delicious relationship: The Abbey Snacker.

Bringing you another step closer to your favorite brew, The Abbey Snacker is a beast in and of itself. Sets of artisan cheese are settled alongside thick slices of salami for a creamy and salty combination. Drop those two onto toasted slices of baguettes and you have yourself a miniature meal, perfect for nibbling with walnuts and cornichons!

Grab A Seat At:
The Abbey Trappist Pub

2353 Pacific Ave., Ste. B, Stockton
(209) 451-1780