Red White & Blueberry

By Copper Williams

There’s always room at the table for guests at Bistro 135, a fine-dining experience located in historic downtown Tracy. From gourmet entrees, to taste-bud redefining desserts, a foodie can find their home along the sprawling menu and classy indoor décor. But, as much as we can appreciate a peanut butter mousse pie, our attention has shifted to one incredible drink in particular.

The Red White & Blue Spritzer is a thing of beauty for those looking to get into the 4th of July spirit. Filled with a hearty pomegranate liqueur, subtly sweet Wente Riesling wine, tonic, and blueberries, it’s the perfect balancing act of flavor one chases after in a drink. Slip in a few ice cubes and serve cold.

Pick Up Your Glass At:
Bistro 135
135 W. 10th St., Tracy
(209) 407-4286