Mommy & Me Yoga

By Copper Williams

As a mother, it’s likely you aren’t getting out to the gym quite as often as you’d like. After all, chores and chasing after rogue toddlers can take up quite a bit of time! But your well-being is important, and that’s why, whenever there’s a moment to spare, you should be taking a good, long stretch! But why keep good habits all to yourself? We’ve compiled a few poses that are perfect for your little one to enjoy with you!

Double Sandwich
Sitting across from your little one, set your feet against theirs and stretch out your legs as far as they normally can. Then, reach out your arms as they reach out to yours, holding onto theirs if you can. This stretch helps the legs, arms, and back.

Double Bow
Have your child crawl up onto your back as you lay, stomach down, against the floor. Bend your knees back so that your feet are aimed towards your head. Reach out with both arms and with your right arm grab your right leg, with your left arm grab your left leg. Your child will follow the same motion, allowing you both to stretch out your legs, arms, and torso.

Leg Lifts
Sitting on the floor, bend your knees toward your chest and set your little one, chest first, against them. Roll onto your back, knees still bent, and as you roll your child will remain on top your knees. Sway your legs gently from side to side, holding their arms to make sure they don’t roll off! Bring your head forward in a crunch to give them a little peck on the forehead!

Legs Up Mommy
Lying on your back, raising your feet into the air in a 90-degree angle. Have your little one scooch up against your legs, performing the same 90-degree angle with your legs as a support. Bonus if you both extend your arms up and over your heads for a big stretch!

Stacked Child
Place your knees on the floor and rest your bottom on the top of your feet. Lean forward, with your arms resting limp at your sides, and rest your head against the floor. Have your little one climb aboard and mimic this same posture!