Flavored by Marianne’s Pantry

By Lindsey Rodrian

A friend’s legacy lives on in the artfully crafted balsamic vinegars and olive oils sold at In Season Market & Nursery in Stockton. The late Marianne McCarrol was a talented personal chef, and friend to owners Eric Firpo and Julie Morehouse. She offered a large inventory of self-made products and sold them—along with grains, rice, beans, and herbs and spices—at local famers markets.

Marianne and her famed methods resulted in ridiculously flavorful tastes like Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, and Fig, and Pomegranate, Balsamic. As Eric explains, the perfectly prominent flavor of the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is accomplished when the additives are pressed alongside the olives. Grab a bottle—or 10—at In Season and infuse everything from sweet potatoes and noodles, to French bread and sauces with impeccable Meyer Lemon flavor.

Find Your Bottle At:
In Season
215 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton
(209) 949-2499