A Sip Of Sweet Lavender

By Copper Williams

Photo By: Sara Washington

It doesn’t get much better than a freshly prepared latte on a chilly winter day. Or does it? Imagine yourself nestled in a brick laced alley, settled at one of the tables dotting the patio. Barreled plants keep you company under the crisp, blue skies overhead and lavender tickles your senses.

You bring your cup to your lips, take a sip, and the rich, ripened flavor of Jesus Mountain Coffee settles across your taste buds. This mildly sweet flavor lingers, just like you, during your stay at The Alley in Stockton. This is one of the tried and true favorites on the secret menu. Dried lavender buds, sugar, honey, and magic make this magnificent beverage the highly sought after favorite that it is.

Find Your Flavor At:
The Alley @ Trail Coffee Roasters
224 E. Minder Ave., Stockton
(209) 603-8292