The Gallery on the Move: Art Expressions Brings Focus to Local Artists


Art breathes life, bringing focus to history, people, and ideas that were once relics or entirely unknown. Like a wave of inspiration that flows across our region, Art Expressions of San Joaquin showcases a rotating display of local and regionally known artists—which is how the non-profit of over 45 artists received its second name: The Gallery on the Move.

The venture began in 2012, when Arturo Vera, Susan Winton, and Vanessa Hadady formed a non-profit whose goal was to showcase works from across the artistic spectrum. These include paintings, photography, jewelry, and sculptures, and even music and writing. Backed by seven board members, Art Expressions has blossomed into a platform that establishes new artists, promotes learning, and gives back to its city.

We spoke with Ana Vera, Chair of Art Expressions and wife of Arturo Vera, about the perks of becoming a member. She explains that “Once an artist joins Art Expressions, they can showcase their art at all the venues and at events. As far as showcasing art at the gallery [on the Miracle Mile], it will be juried.  We also want to encourage guest artists to exhibit at the gallery. As far as exhibiting work at the County Administration Building and at the airport, there are certain restrictions because these are County buildings and so it must curated.”

And where else can these outstanding pieces be found?

A multitude of establishments, ranging from the Hilton Hotel to restaurants like Mezzo. Seeing these works have opened eyes to the creativity of Stockton and its neighboring cities. Ana continues to explain that “Art Expressions has embraced cultural diversity and creativity that exists right in our town. Many artists flocked and continue to gravitate toward Art Expressions and excel in their art as they get mentoring from artists like Robert Kelley, who continually amazes.” It’s a mixture of growing and promotion that truly resonates with members.

The gallery has continued expansion, securing a permanent home on the Miracle Mile. This beautiful focal point on Pacific Avenue allows for meetings and more opportunities for the community to see what their local artists are capable of. It also houses an array of workshops that members can participate in to continue improving their work.  Drop in and take a look, you might just catch one of their free Summer Youth Classes, building our city’s future artists.

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Art Expressions of San Joaquin
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