Daniger Furniture

Daniger FurnitureDaniger Furniture is one of the most well-known names in quality furniture and service. Susan and Curt Daniger are the third generation of Danigers to own and operate the business, and there is a legacy of quality and integrity that goes into every sale.

“We’ve stayed true to a traditional style with a good value. Styles come and go, but we tend to stay with traditional furnishings,” says Susan. The store is committed to excellence and offering what they feel are the best manufacturers. She continues, “Three years ago we made the commitment, and we went American-made only. That’s a huge thing because about 90% of all furniture is imported.”

Daniger’s inventory is sourced from manufacturers across the U.S. “We have to work very hard to find lines that are still manufactured here in America that are a good value,” Susan states. “We stand behind our products, and we only carry companies that stand behind theirs.”

Daniger-FurnitureWhether a customer is looking for a single or special item, or a house full of furniture, Daniger Furniture is at your service with interior design services that are complimentary with the purchase of items from their store. They’ll also help find that one item to tie the room together perfectly. Whether the house boasts wooden beams for a vintage feel or perhaps varia ecoresin for that modern and artistic vibe – the furniture that is partnered with it is important to compliment the designs in the room. “I’m an interior designer, and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to design many lovely homes in this area, which is an honor,” she says. When a customer requests interior design, there is a $50 deposit for Daniger’s service, and that deposit is then applicable towards the purchase of furniture and accessories from the store. “We are furniture experts, and we recognize that not everybody knows how to do this. Everyone knows what they like and what they want, but we know what will fit and what will work, and it’s very detailed.”

Not only does Daniger Furniture offer complimentary interior design, they provide free delivery. Set-up and financing are also available. “It’s perfect when I do an interior design job or just a recliner purchase. I love that moment where everything works for a customer. Life’s too short to hate your furniture,” Susan concludes.

Daniger Furniture
4 W. Lodi Ave., Lodi
(209) 368-0107