Yume Japanese Cuisine whips up a spicy rendition

This Ceviche is FIRE

What isn’t to love about ceviche? It’s fresh, flavorful, and one of the few dishes that is both nutritious and delicious.

You might equate ceviche with Mexican cuisine, but in reality, its origins come from our neighbor in South America. If we want to get gritty about the details, ceviche hails from Peru, where the seafood dish is crafted from fresh fish cured in citrus juices and seasoned with spices, salt, and chili peppers.

When it comes to ceviche, we love a lot of local twists and the classics. And while we were dining our way through the local round-up, we found a version that lit our taste buds on fire. At Yume Japanese Cuisine in Lodi, Chef Masumoto whips up a colorful array of freshly diced maguro tuna combined with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and thinly sliced jalapeno chiles. His take on ceviche satisfies all our cravings of savory, spice, and everything nice. What isn’t to dig about melt-in-your-mouth tuna macerated in freshly squeezed lime juice and served with a mounding pile of crispy wonton chips?

This hot pairing is the perfect starter to any meal, or you can opt to enjoy it alongside a green salad with miso dressing for an energizing, satisfying lunch. Any way you cut it; this tuna ceviche is as good as it gets. So, do yourself a favor and hit up Yume Japanese Cuisine for a ceviche that’s to die for!


Crush your ceviche craving at Yume Japanese Cuisine, 2401 W. Turner Rd. #222, Lodi. 209-224-5169, yumelodi.com