Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary calls for animal-loving volunteers

A Not So Hard Day’s Work

At Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, the animals are at the center of everything the organization does. Different from other local animal shelters that mostly assist dogs and cats in finding new homes, Harvest Home has a reputation for bringing in a gaggle of uncommon pets, including turkeys, ducks, goats, pigs, bunnies, and more.

Caring for these animals, and often nursing them back to health, takes a lot of work. Veterinarians donate their time to remove lumps from lops (a type of bunny) and treat tumors in long-time resident pups. But day-to-day care is important, too. And for that, no special skills or training are necessary. “Just a desire to love, care for and respect all of the animals (both two- and four-legged) on the property,” says Denise Snider, a volunteer at Harvest Home since 2019. Without volunteers, Christine Morrissey and Karen Courtemanche who run the shelter, wouldn’t be able to treat as many animals as they do.

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending your free time socializing with farm animals, this is your opportunity. Harvest Home brings in volunteers year-round to help feed, bathe, and play with its many residents—some who are permanent and others who come for shorter stays before moving to forever homes. “Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary welcomes volunteers year-round for a variety of activities and tasks,” Christine says.

To sign up, prospective volunteers must attend an orientation and be 18 years old or older. “I volunteer at the animal sanctuary to give animals attention and it gives me enjoyment of knowing I can care for the animals,” Joyce Uhl says. “I wanted to volunteer at the sanctuary once I got the feel of how peaceful it is there.”

An Evening at the Sanctuary
If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Sanctuary, now is the time. This summer, Karen and Christine will open the barn doors to community members during the Evening at the Sanctuary: Sunset Tour event. The event is made extra special coming on the heels of a year where visits were prohibited. On August 14 at 6 PM, the public will be welcomed back to the sanctuary to see all the animals that call the sanctuary home.

Meet The Animals
Virtual friendships are encouraged. Follow along at @harvest_home to keep up with what’s happening at the sanctuary.

“Karen and Christine are amazing. I am always impressed by their knowledge and the love and care they give to all of the critters, big and small,” – Denise Snider, Volunteer

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