Broken Arrow Saloon specializes in themed drinks

Country Cocktails

Broken Arrow Saloon opened in October 2019, an official rebrand after Lori Fountain bought the infamous Irish Pub, Shamrock, in Tracy. She describes the process as a “bar rescue” without all the help, remodeling the large space that, she says, was run down when she purchased it. With the realization that Tracy didn’t have a true country bar, only a handful of dive bars without enough room to dance, she decided that is exactly what the city needed. “I just thought that our town needed a venue where we could have live music and people would dance,” she says. Fast forward 18 months and the bar is doing better than expected, serving up a collection of patriotic-themed cocktails that are meant to be more fun than fancy ($5-9) in a laidback atmosphere perfect for regulars getting together after work, perhaps over a round of pool.

At Broken Arrow Saloon, patrons can expect exactly what the name entails, according to Lori. “You kind of know you’re going to be going to a casual, fun, country place,” she says. Line dancing, karaoke nights, and live music are all part of what makes the venue country, but the list of cocktails with tongue-in-cheek names is the other big draw. Where else can you order up a ‘Merica Shot, a red, white, and blue shooter, or a LoLo MoMo, a twist on the classic mimosa spiked with vodka.

Together Lori and her staff turned out a fun list of drinks that really signify what Broken Arrow Saloon is all about. And when they were stumped, they turned to customers for help coming up with the monikers, like the Lasso Lady, a Truly-based cocktail named by a regular.

Your Boots Are Made for Walking Here:
117 W. 11th St., Tracy
(209) 835-8454

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