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National Bubble Bath Day is Jan. 8

January 8 marks National Bubble Bath Day and we can only think of one way to properly celebrate. We’ve rounded up some of the best products—sold locally—to elevate your evening self-care session. So, run the water, grab a glass of your favorite Lodi vino, and get ready to sink to your earlobes in a cozy tub bursting with calming aromas and soothing extras.

Relaxing Scented Candle
Boxwood Finch
Elizabeth W cucumber perfume candle, $30
The key to choosing a bathtime candle to burn while you dip in a hot tub is picking a scent that evokes relaxation. At Boxwood Finch, this soy candle is specially formulated to hold aromas, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the crisp cucumber scent with a hint of sweetness for as long as you feel like soaking. 606 W. Lockeford St., Lodi

Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition Center
Serenity Fast Acting Topical Roller (10ml), $30
Sink into that bath a little lower and really let all of the stress of the day melt off. This CBD roller absorbs fast and acts quick, fortified with 300mg of full spectrum hemp extract. Roll a little on the nape of your neck, or another area that won’t hit the water right away at the beginning of your bath. 6 N. School St., Lodi

Bubble Bath
French at Heart
Mistral Foam Bath in White Flowers (250ml), $20
Don’t forget this key ingredient. The rich gel foams ever so gently in the bath and offers scents of organic chamomile that linger long after bath time is done. 16 N. School St., Lodi

Facial Oil
Artesian Natural Foods
Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil (30ml), $24.99
Don’t neglect your face while you’re caring for the rest of your body—a bubble bath can cover tips to toes. Slather on a layer of this preservative-free facial oil for hydration and protection. 145 Lincoln Center, Stockton

Bath Salts
French at Heart
Finchberry Fizzy Salt Soak in Sweet Dreams, $19
This luxurious combination of bath bomb and dead sea salt softens skin while also bringing a stillness to your bath with aromas of lavender and vanilla. The texture even adds a hint of fizz to the tub, complementing the bubbles. 16 N. School St., Lodi

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