Saving Face

The most unexpected fashion trend of 2020

I don’t think any of us could have predicted that face masks would become the hottest fashion accessory of 2020. With mask-wearing mandates across the state, and even over state lines, it’s become clear that we will be wearing these cloth coverings for the foreseeable future in order to keep ourselves and others healthy from the spread of COVID-19. And local makers took the opportunity to start creating fun, patterned masks for the masses so we aren’t all wearing dull disposable surgical masks or N95 masks day in and day out. Instead we can get a cute, washable face piece to wear out and about, and we can even have different ones to match our outfits.

In addition to turning to Etsy and Amazon, we can also get these masks locally. Better Body Masks is owned by Sheryl Giles, using her talent on the sewing machine to create fun masks for adults and kids. The 100 percent cotton masks come in multiple sizes, fit securely around the ears, and feature a filter pocket for added protection. She’s currently working to develop styles with ties in addition to the around-the-ear fasten. Adult masks are $15 and kid masks are $10. You can contact Better Body Masks through Facebook to purchase, or catch her at a local pop-up—Sherly Giles Bridal often has them on hand. This is also the go-to spot for plain black masks for those who need a professional look at work.

POMP Salon is also selling cute masks to keep you stylish, which is perfect if you don’t have one as you’re heading into your hair appointment, since wearing one is required in the salon. Keep in mind, wearing the type of mask with ear fasteners is important when you’re stepping in for salon services like a cut and/or color.

Fashion Safari is so chic they’ve got masks selling out. Check the store for cute cloth and polyester masks with bright colors and daring designs. The graphic, pop art set the shop has become known for is hard to keep on shelves. Sold in a two-pack for $15, the masks can be purchased both in store and online. As an added bonus, these masks are made in the USA.

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