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Disc golf is our new favorite social distancing activity

Disc golf is a hybrid of golf and frisbee with the objective of getting a disc into a target in as few throws as possible. Like golf, courses feature 9 or 18 holes, and discs are thrown from a starting “tee” to a finishing “hole.” The sport has a fairly large professional following with 53,366 registered players in the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) as of 2019, and players often play in singles or doubles.

Right now, we’re loving disc golf for one big reason: it’s easy to play while also following social distancing guidelines. Played on outdoor courses, people can engage without getting too close. Most players bring their own discs so they aren’t sharing a lot of equipment and aside from the starting point of the “tee,” you’re not likely to be clumped together in one spot. The best part? Disc golf is hosted outside. And San Joaquin County has its share of courses.

To play, disc golfers simply need to seek out a course and pay the fee to play. Most have a nominal amount posted that help fund the permanent play areas.

Not All Discs are Made the Same

Beginners are likely to play with three discs. Consider these your “clubs.”


A driver is typically used by an experienced thrower to soar far distances, often as the first throw from a tee. It is characterized by its sharp, beveled edges.


This disc has a dull beveled edge and medium-sized rim width better for precise throws. They don’t typically travel as far as drivers so beginners often favor these discs even for faraway throws because they require less technique.


These slow-flying discs are best reserved for short throws, especially those into the basket at the end of a “hole.” Some players use them when dodging obstacles such as trees on a course.

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