Wine Gadgets for the Wine Geek

Pour it, drink it, keep it cold

  1. Porrón
    Talk about a good time. This wine vessel is the perfect way to liven up your next dinner party. Originating in the Catalonia region of Spain, the wine pitcher allows multiple guests to sample a given wine from the same utensil without touching their lips. You can appropriately find one of these at the father of Spanish wine in Lodi wine country, Bokisch Vineyards. $125 Bokisch Vineyards, 18921 Atkins Rd., Lodi
  1. Aerator Vinturi Red Wine Aerator
    The Vinturi patented design draws in air to allow your wine to breathe instantly. The aerator brings all of the taste and none of the wait. When the wine is poured into the device it increases a wine’s velocity and decreases its pressure. In other words, it boosts a wine’s bouquet and enhances the overall flavor of the wine. It can NOT, however, make a bad bottle of wine better.
    $29.99 Harney Lane Winery, 9010 E. Harney Ln., Lodi

  2. Coravin
    This is easily one of the coolest inventions in the wine world for anyone with a wine cellar full of older vintages. The Coravin Wine Preservation System allows winos to enjoy a sip, a glass, or more from any bottle and enjoy the rest for weeks, months, or even years afterward. After all, who wouldn’t want to explore with a single pour to determine if a wine is ready to be uncorked? Paskett Winery, 11070 E. Woodbridge Rd., Acampo.
  1. Corksicle
    This gadget is for more than the wine geek. This brilliant version of a portable, reusable ice cube is an essential for every white wine and rosé lover! Its basically a large icesicle that keeps in your freezer until you are ready to insert it into the wine bottle of your choice. You can find an array of colors to choose from including hot pink, neon green, and bright blue.
    $25 Lodi Wine and Visitor Center, 2545 W. Turner Rd., Lodi
  1. The Durand
    This device is for the wine collector in your life. Their company motto is “Unlock the majesty of mature wines,” and that is exactly what it does. It is exceptionally effective in removing compromised and fragile corks from old wines, keeping them whole and intact. You can’t find this locally, but it’s worth the cost of shipping. $125 at

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