Life in the Bike Lane

Bike Lodi encourages cycling in the city

What has two wheels and is good for your health and the planet? Chances are you already know the answer, but Bike Lodi, a newly minted 501c nonprofit, is encouraging people to leave the car at home and put the pedal to the pavement—the bike pedal. Bike Lodi Chair Kathryn Siddle and Vice Chair Kandy Vaccarezza are out to transform Lodi into a safe place to ride for avid cyclists like themselves, but also for visitors, families, and casual riders.

“We want to be an exceptional biking community. We want to be a place where riding your bike is not the unique thing,” Kathryn says.

Always a social cyclist, Kathryn was one of the first members of Bike Lodi. Founded in 2015 as a joint effort with Visit Lodi, Kathryn took the reins in July of 2016. Thanks to her tenacity, willingness to dedicate countless hours to the cause, and her background in social work (and grant writing), she has helped steer Bike Lodi into a growing philanthropic organization. Today Bike Lodi has donated over 500 helmets to children, hosts bike rodeos to teach kids basic bike maintenance and hand signals to promote safe riding, and offers bike valets at community events like the Lodi Farmers Market to encourage people to ride, not drive.

“With more bike lanes and more emphasis on places to park… I think families would do it more often,” Kandy says, referencing Bike Lodi’s efforts to install bike racks and create bike lanes throughout Lodi.

For Kandy, biking was a way to clear her head and stay healthy after having kids and when her six mile rides to Lodi Lake turned into twelve mile rides—and then eventually 30, 40, and 60 miles—she began to appreciate just how great Lodi is for cycling.

“We are so lucky to have these country roads that you can leave from downtown Lodi and in less than two miles be out of the urban feel and into the country,” Kandy says.

Not to mention Lodi’s 80 plus wineries offer the perfect place to take a break and grab a snack—or a sip—along the way.

Bike Lodi

Bike Valet at the Lodi Farmers Market
Sept 5, 5 – 8:30 PM
Downtown Lodi, Corner of Oak St. and School St.

Park-to-Park Ride
Sept 7, 9-11:30 AM
Start and finish: Lodi Lake

World Car Free Day
Sept 22

Sandhill Crane Ride
Oct 26, 3-7 PM
Start: TBD, Finish: Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

Bike Valet at Giro D’Vino Bicycle Wine Tour
Nov 3, 8:30 AM
Woodbridge Winery, Acampo

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