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Bernie’s Mixology serves fun in San Joaquin County

Every time her family hosted an event, Bernadette Pimentel had a specific job. Family barbecues found her not manning the grill, but instead mixing up drinks for everyone to enjoy.

“Before you know it someone had approached me and told me I was good at it,” Bernadette says. But it wasn’t until her children were getting married that Bernadette thought about turning her flair for drink making into a business.

She noted many venues limited alcohol service, and others didn’t have their own bartenders on staff, creating limitations for brides and grooms. Bernie’s Mixology—a bartending business—was the solution.

She went to classes, became a certified mixologist, and got a liquor license. In July 2017, she hosted her first event. From weddings and quinceañeras to corporate parties, Bernadette’s business includes bartending services, supplies, and signature cocktails at a variety of venues.

One of the biggest perks of hiring Bernie for an event—aside from her delicious blends, of course—is the red tape she can cut through. With liability insurance and other documents of her own, Bernie is legally allowed to pour hard liquor at venues that only allow beer and wine otherwise.

“It’s just like any longue,” she says of her business. She checks IDs, pours drinks, and does the dirty work—cutting people off when necessary.

Bernie’s packages start at basic bartending services and go all the way up to an all-inclusive package. Guests purchase their own alcohol, with Bernie’s guidance, and she brings the rest—ice, cups, garnishes, non-alcoholic beverages, and mixers.

One service guests especially love is Bernie’s signature cocktails. Her favorite is a refreshing, year-round drink dubbed the Cucumber Bubbly Cocktail (see sidebar for recipe).

Her favorite non-alcohol sipper is an infused detox water. “Detox while you tox,” is her motto, pushing a blend of fresh lemon juice, mint, cucumber, lime, basil and rosemary, to guests as they imbibe.

“It’s refreshing because it replenishes the liver,” Bernadette explains.

Bernadette’s best service, however, is taking care of her customers. Talking to guests, making brides happy, and getting grooms a shot before their ‘I Dos.’ Bernadette says going the extra mile and being involved in the planning of people’s biggest days are the best parts of her job.

Cucumber Bubbly Cocktail:
Try your hand at Bernadette’s drink of choice.

1 ½ oz. vodka

½ oz. St. Germaine

Splash of lime juice

Splash of simple syrup

Splash of club soda

Garnished with a cucumber

Get Tipsy with Bernadette:
Bernie’s Mixology

(209) 710-7499

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