Delectable Desserts

By Alexandra Krueger

A Round Up of San Joaquin’s Sweetest Treats

Throw out your box of chocolates and the chalky Sweethearts—this year, it’s time to step up your Valentine’s Day-game and indulge in San Joaquin’s richest, most social media-worthy desserts! From unique chocolate inclusions, to fruit-infused pastries, to unique confections haling from New Orleans, this year’s dessert roundup will not only have your mouth watering, but also provide plenty of post-dinner date inspo for our favorite couple’s holiday.

Lemon Lavender Pie

Your sweetie pie doesn’t deserve just any pie—give them a taste of something truly unique at the Dancing Fox in Lodi. Savor in the tart, house-made lemon curd juxtaposed with a layer of pastry cream infused with the floral flavor of lavender. Served on an all-butter crust made from scratch and a dollop of whipped cream, this Lemon Lavender pie is melt-in-your mouth delicious. Oh, and the flower on top? Sourced directly from the restaurant’s own herb garden—and perfect for tucking behind your dates ear. The Dancing Fox, 203 S. School St., Lodi, (209) 366-2634,

Chocolate Fudge Cake

What would Valentine’s Day be without some classic chocolate cake? And boy, this baby is a classic—the shiny, well-maintained kind that you show off to your frenemies on Facebook. The double layer chocolate cake is baked just slightly before the fudge is spread. As the cake then continues to bake, the fudge results in a nice, perfectly melted juxtaposition to the cake’s spongey texture. Topped with sweet strawberries and made perfect with fresh whipped cream, this slice of heaven will be hard for any sweet tooth to share… You’d better order two! Delta Bistro & Lounge, 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton (209) 323-3131,

King Cake

This isn’t the cake your grandma used to bake—that is, unless your grandma happened to live in New Orleans. The sweetest of the “sweet crêpes” that Midtown Creperie in Stockton offers, the King Cake is chock-full of cinnamon apples slathered with Ghirardelli white chocolate glaze, filled with creme and sweetened with candied sugar. Top it with whipped crème and rainbow sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself a party. Fun fact: In New Orleans, the King Cake was traditionally served with a naked toy baby—whoever picked up the baby got to pay for the next meal! Midtown Creperie & Café, 2319 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 941-9070,

Banana Bourbon Cake

Drinks and dessert, anyone? You won’t have to separate the two at Midgley’s Pubic House: layers of toffee banana-date cake are piled on top of layers of vanilla cake, and every spongey morsel soaked in bourbon butter glaze. Sound too rich to be true? Au contraire, it gets even better: The cake layers are separated a spread of butterscotch buttercream, and the masterpiece is complete with a dollop of whipped crème. While this delightful treat won’t actually make you tipsy, it will have you and your date full, satisfied, and bursting with joy. Midgley’s Public House, 296 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 474-7700,

Warm California Butter Cake

With ingredients including approximately 10 sticks of butter, (two ounces of butter per serving!), this dessert is as just as inviting as it sounds. Delectably sweet, you might not want to tackle a slice of Warm California Butter Cake all on your own—sharing is caring! Quince sauce is drizzled over this delightful treat—a “quince” is, it’s a golden yellow fruit that looks like a cross between an apple and a pear—the fruity sauce is reduced down with a port wine and a little bit of crème, served with a garnish of local persimmons and pomegranates and a scoop of vanilla gelato. Rosewood Bar & Grill, 28 S. School St., Lodi, (209) 369-0470,

Data Torta  What better way to end a perfect Valentine’s Day date than to order a Data Torta—translation from Italian, a date cake. An original recipe by Mezzo’s Pantry Chef, this dessert is made with TLC and date puree and baked with hot carmel that gives this scrumptious morsel it’s unique, flavor. The Data Torta is served warm and boasts a moist, silky smooth consistency that will win both you and your date over from the first bite. Pair that with vanilla bean gelato, drizzle it with hot carmel sauce, and you have yourself a match made in heaven! Mezzo, 1784, 3499 Brookside Rd., Stockton, (209) 473-7300,

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