Michael David Makes Big Moves

By Suzanne Ledbetter

Staple Lodi Winery Launches Politically Correct Label

It’s no secret that Michael David is Lodi Wine’s most prolific winery. They’re famous not only for their award-winning wine, but also bold, creative marketing, and inspired labels like Lust and Rage. But with the recent sale of 7 Deadly Sins to Wine Group, the winery shifts its focus from the brand that put them on the map in favor of other labels, like their top selling Freakshow wines.

Recently, Michael David launched an edgy, Bordeaux style wine titled Politically Correct. The 2015 blend, available only in the tasting room, is a sharp departure from their traditionally big, juicy, bold wines that folks have come to know and love.

Politically Correct is a Bordeaux style wine crafted from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Verdot. The wine is light, elegant, and food-friendly, with neutral oak and great acid. This wine begs to be paired with dinner and retails at a humble $49 per bottle. Adorning the label is the quote, “Political correctness is instant death to creativity.” Word.

Politically Correct is the brainchild of Melissa Phillips Stroud, V.P. of Sales and Marketing and sixth generation Lodi grape grower. “The wine evolved as a project—the idea that we always have to be careful about what we say, do and how we represent ourselves,” Stroud professes. “We are all trying to be individual, creative, unique beings, while still working within the confines of society.” For her, this is true not only as an individual, but as a company, and as creators of wine brands.

Society perpetuates the dichotomy that someone should be unique and stand firm in their beliefs; as long as you conform to an always-changing set of rules. And at Michael David, one of their marketing mottos is—Life is short, break all the rules!  

Which is why the launch of this new label is so important. “At Michael David, we don’t ever want to put our consumer in a box,” said Stroud. “We want to offer them different styles and let them make their own decisions. They can drink Freakshow one day and gravitate toward the food-friendly Politically Correct the next!”

As a member of the next generation running a family business, Stroud emphasizes the need to make her own mark on the wine world. By exploring new concepts, both in winemaking and marketing, the Michael David team is looking to enhance the Lodi wine experience. There is an artform to wine and an artform to winemaking. “We are just excited to see where this exploration of styles will take us,” said Stroud.

With only 1,000 cases of the 2015 Politically Correct, you can bet it will sell out quickly. But fear not, the ‘16 is bottled and ready to go for your enjoyment! Be sure to stop on by for a taste!

Get Correct:
Michael David Winery
4580 W. Highway 12 Lodi, CA
(209) 368-7384

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