Very Merry Manners

By Alexandra Krueger

A Guide to Being the Perfect Holiday Guest

The holidays are a time for giving! Sometimes, though, the best gift you can give to your loved ones is a kind word and a little consideration—AKA, some good ol’ fashioned etiquette. With so many dinner parties on the horizon, everyone could use a little refresher course on appropriate holiday manners. Read them all, and we promise you’ll be prepped and ready to be the perfect party guest!

As soon as you receive an invitation, make sure you let the host/hostess know if you can or can’t attend. Having an accurate guest count early on will make it easier on your host as they plan their party, so be sure to return their generous invitation with this simple common courtesy.

Come Bearing Gifts
Don’t show up to the party empty-handed! Always arrive with a gift for your host. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate—just something to show them that you appreciate them putting together their lovely event. Consider boxed candies, decorative candles, or even a bouquet of flowers in a vase.

Put Down the Smartphone
It should go without saying that you’re there to spend time with your friends and family, face to face. Put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off so you can really engage with others at the event. But, if you must let the world know what you’re up to, at least save the Instagram selfies for the end of the evening.

Easy on the Eggnog
…and the vino! While it may be tempting to over imbibe (especially if you’re surrounded by extended family) make sure to limit yourself so that you don’t do or say anything you’ll be embarrassed about the next morning.

Offer To Help Clean Up
Because the host has no doubt put a lot of work into the event, the least you can do is offer to assist them in clearing the dinner table or tidying the mess. They might decline your offer and insist that you enjoy yourself, but you can be sure the offer was appreciated.

Thank You Cards
If you’re given any gifts at the event, be sure to handwrite all thank you notes and send them out as soon as possible. This gesture is the pinnacle of holiday etiquette!

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