Hatching Progress

By Alexandra Krueger

Workshop/Co-Op Aims to Invigorate Downtown Stockton
For years the enormous potential of Downtown Stockton has lingered, in wait of someone with the right vision and resources to break through the glass ceiling and actualize it.

Enter Phoenix and Malachi Trent. Brothers by blood and business, the New York natives have been working together since childhood. It is through their team effort—and just the right amount of community backing—that Downtown Stockton will finally see its potential realized.

Hatch Workshop is their 501c3 nonprofit in progress. Part workshop for both students and community members, part live-work co-op, part Artists in Residency program, Hatch plans to bring all this and more to downtown Stockton from their headquarters on Acacia Street. Just months away from opening its doors, Hatch’s mission is to invigorate the city with the artists and makers mindset that has revitalized cities like Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY. 

“We want people to realize that if they have a passion for the arts and crafts, you can go into the trades and successfully sustain yourself,” says Phoenix, CEO of Hatch. “With our workshops and classes, we hope to create entrepreneurs that start their businesses down the street and drive Stockton’s economic growth.”

While Hatch’s Artists in Residency and Live-Work Co-Op programs will attract seasoned artists and makers, their Inspire Youth program will no doubt be highly attractive to parents looking for a constructive extra-curricular activity for their children. In partnership with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, Inspire Youth is designed to provide a safe space for kids to grow, create, and enter mentorship programs in which they can learn how to market their skills and build a career as a maker or designer.

“We’re super excited for our workshops and classes. I love teaching woodworking and metal working because it’s therapeutic for people,” says Malachi, Executive Director at Hatch. “It’s full-focus, almost like meditation.”

Opening with their youth programs, community workshops, studio memberships and rentals, the later stages of Hatch’s development will include the establishment of a Gallery, Artist Residencies, and the Live/Work Co-op. They also have a small theatre in the building where they plan to host a variety of activities.

“We want this side of downtown to be a buzzing hub of an area, and we think we can make it happen,” says Phoenix. “Bringing the arts and crafts to an area that has so much potential and so much life—it’s exciting.”

Get Involved:
Hatch Workshop

33 N. Aurora St., Stockton
(415) 269-4570

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