In Season: Lemons

By Copper Williams

Lemons are in Season

Tart, tangy, and delightfully transformative. The lemon is a must-have in kitchens across the country and beyond. Their use in recipes has been established in poultry and fish, desserts and, of course, a plethora of unique and refreshing beverages. Alongside its versatility, lemons pack an extraordinary amount of benefits! As one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in developed countries, iron deficiency is best combated with a combination of foods rich in vitamin C, and foods rich in iron. This allows the body to absorb iron incredibly well.

Because they are packed with flavonoids, consuming lemons are seen as a great way to lower the risk of stroke in women, and have the potential to help prevent cardiovascular problems and protect against cancer cells. For those interested in clearing up their complexion, the high amounts of vitamin C in lemons make important contributions in the body toward creating collagen. That means more elasticity and less wrinkles cropping up as the years wear on.

Beyond the kitchen, lemons still take the cake in uses. Apply lemon onto your skin and let sit for fifteen minutes every day and watch dark spots fade and skin tone even. A combination of honey and lemon for a face mask brightens skin and acts as an antiseptic to control acne development! And don’t you dare toss those peels! Rub the inner side of a lemon on your cutting board to remove nasty leftover smells that just won’t dissipate. Use the same system, with a little added baking soda and salt, and get to scrubbing on brass and polished chrome for sublime shine!

Lemons really are the answer to a boatload of household and personal predicaments, but have you ever wondered how they arrived on our Cali shores? Records indicate that the first lemons may have come from Asia, and as trade routes expanded, were ported throughout the Mediterranean region. As their popularity grew, and explorers traveled and immigrated to the United States, lemon seeds tagged along for the journey beside other common citrus.

By 1751, California was growing the bitter beauties, with the only large-end competition hailing from Florida. While production in our golden state has slacked in recent years, California is still a mighty contender in the industry, and the largest grower in the United States, producing 836,000 tons in just 2016 alone. Whether or not you enjoy the tang of a fresh glass of lemonade, there can be little doubt on just how valuable the fruit is to our beautiful state.