Fitness Resolutions

Experts weigh in on how to keep the weight off

The New Year is here! And chances are, you’re looking to lose a few pounds. We met up with two local trainers to talk fitness resolutions, and how to kick-start—and ultimately reach—your weight loss goals! We’re rooting for you. 2018 is totally your year.

Andrea Franco, In-Shape, Stockton, Product Manager of Group Training

Q. When should I work out?
Working out in the morning really sets your day on a high note. You’ve already achieved something. But if you’re not a morning person, figure out what works best for you. Don’t make yourself get up at 5 AM if you’ll be exhausted throughout the day. For night owls, it’s best to go before dinner, but have a snack like an apple, string cheese, or granola bar.

Q. a good post workout dinner?
A. Post workout dinners should be healthy, full of lean protein like plant protein, chicken, or fish—the size of your hand. Carbs the size of your fist, and as many greens as you’d like!

Q.  Can you eat like crap and still lose weight if you exercise regularly?
A. Diet is crucial because you definitely can’t out train a bad diet! I always tell my clients, ‘I can make you stronger and faster but if you want to see physical results, that won’t come into place until you’re on the right nutrition plan.’ But don’t go too deep. Don’t go from eating whatever you want to chicken and broccoli every night, make small changes. If you’re not eating breakfast, that’s where I’d want you to start. Try avocado toast, low or nonfat yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, honey. The honey is key!

Ian Fisher, The Shop Fitness, Owner & trainer

Q. How do I get on a good schedule?
A.  The hardest part of working out is getting in the door. If you walk through the front door you’ll exercise, but for most people getting into that routine, the first few weeks, the first month, can be challenging unless you create a habit. If you don’t want too, go! Find that one hour in your day (everyone has it) and set that time for yourself.
How often you work out depends on the person and the goal, if you can go four to five days a week that’s ideal. People who want to lose weight they just need to be consistent and go 4-5 days every week. If you’re trying to build muscle, lift heavy three days a week.

Q. More weight or more reps?
A. The most important thing is form. If you are starting to lift weights and you’ve never done it before, it’s best to come to a gym like [The Shop Fitness] where someone will instruct you, or higher a trainer. The last thing you want to do is have incorrect form.
Don’t lift heavy weight right off the bat. Start with moderate weight and correct technique, and then build up your strength. You can increase on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.
Always listen to your body! If something feels too easy, up the weight. And always look in the mirror to make sure that you have correct form.

Q.Weights or cardio first?
A.  We do both here, but for people who are working out at the gym, it’s best if you can lift weights first and perform cardio second, because cardio taps into your stored body fat—and intense cardio before weight training won’t leave you with much energy.
You don’t really start burning fat until you work out for a certain amount of time, so cardio after weight training gets that fat burn locked in! And, we lift weights to break down muscle to build more. But, if you use up all the carbs in your body to do cardio first, you won’t have those carbs to use after. 

Q. How do I push past my comfort zone?
A. Group training is a great place to push yourself. You’ll push yourself harder. Or, get a workout buddy. You need to be able to push yourself past your comfort zone, and no one wants to just walk out in the middle of class so that group dynamic is important. It’s more fun, people look forward to it in the middle of their chaotic life. It’s like meditation!


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