Cool It

By Copper Williams

Summer is right around the corner and ready to kick our thermostats into the triple digits. Make sure your electric bill doesn’t follow suit by getting your air conditioner checked before our Central Valley’s lovely heatwaves hit. We sat down with one of our very own local air conditioner specialist to ensure that your cooling costs are as low as they can possibly go.

Checkup Time!

There are many reasons why you should have your air conditioner checked before summer arrives. A dirty condenser, inefficient refrigerant charge, and ductwork leakage forces your central air to work harder and provides less cool air where you want it most. These problems can be corrected by contacting an air conditioner specialist to test your system before you’re relying on it throughout the hotter months. There should be companies local to you that can check up on your air conditioning unit. For example, people in Alberta can benefit from companies offering Red Deer air conditioning services. They can perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning, ensuring it’s functioning correctly before the summer heat kicks in.

Optimize Your Temperature Settings

When you’re not home, set your thermostat to 85 degrees. This will keep your home from sizzling, and allow you to save some dough in cooling costs. When you return, your thermostat should be set around 78 degrees. No, it won’t be a winter wonderland, but it will keep you from crisping, and you won’t be bogged down with an outrageous electric bill. If you do find that you still have an outrageous electric bill though, then you should probably look to switching providers. By doing this, you might find that you save even more money on your electric bill. If you are thinking of switching but don’t know who to use, then why don’t you check out something like these Gexa Energy reviews to give you a better idea of who you could use. They could direct you on different energy plans from different electric companies for example the services provided by payless power, fort worth, tx 76118, who have plans that cater towards the bill-payer rather than against them.

Keep Your Cool Air Indoors

Prep your house for summer by sealing leaks you find around windows and underneath doorways. Consider investing in double pane windows, or talk to your landlord about the cost savings in utilities.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter isn’t doing your lungs any good, and it certainly isn’t keeping your air conditioner in optimum working condition. Cold air must work harder to push past clogged up air filters, meaning more cool air stays up in the vents, and less is moving through your home. Scott Lovotti of Lovotti Air recommends replacing your filters every three months. For help with things of this nature, you can find more information about AirNow Cooling & Heating online and maybe even utilize their services.

Work the System

It’s all in the details when it comes to staying cool. Keeping your curtains shut and blinds drawn will keep sun rays from turning your home into an oven. Make sure that you turn your ceiling fans on counter-clockwise to keep the air flowing comfortably from room to room. Avoid using your oven and stove as much as possible and close up any unnecessary rooms that don’t need that air-conditioned boost.

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