Delectable Decisions!

By Copper Williams

When it comes down to it, why choose between the piping-hot cinnamon and sugar glazed glory of a churro and the sweet chill of your favorite flavor of San Francisco’s Double Rainbow Ice Cream? If you’re visiting Pink Turtle in Tracy, you don’t have to! Combine these delectable temptations to create a treat that blows your average sundae out of the water!

“Our churro sundae comes in two flavors” boasts proprietress Arabella McCreary. “Order traditional cinnamon sugar, or Oreo, with a cream center. Four churro sticks are nestled into the sundae, so you can dip, scoop, or nibble away!” Once you’ve made up your mind, move onto your choice of 22 flavors of ice cream. Top with hot caramel, fresh strawberries, or Nutella. Maybe even some whipped cream? Another difficult, delectable decision.

Buy A Bowl At:
Pink Turtle Shoppe
245 E. 11th St., Tracy
(209) 830-1300