Yukari's Bento Box

By Copper Williams

You know that moment when you’re driving down the road, window down, and an incredible aroma suddenly slaps you senseless? You perk up, turn your attention haphazardly from the wheel and there you find it. The source of an incredible smell like no other. That’s how we came across Yukari’s Bento Box in Lodi.

This drop-in and takeout dining spot features a simple, flavorful menu. Our choice? The succulent Teriyaki Salmon. Sporting a large portion of perfectly grilled fish on a bed of steamed white rice, its texture matched with the shop’s sweet teriyaki glaze is truly bite by bite bliss. And it gets better. This bento box bounty features a small side salad, the restaurant’s own take on macaroni salad and a hefty helping of miso soup.


Order Your Lunch At:

Yukari’s Bento Box

1301 W. Lockeford St., Suite D, Lodi

(209) 426-5900