Feeling fidgety from all that fresh air creeping in under your door? Tired of all the movie marathon madness and mind-rotting reruns you’ve had to endure from the comforts of your couch? It’s high time you step out into the sun and remember what San Joaquin really has in store for you! Read on and let us be your guide as you tour what epic escapades await you this sensational summer.


CQB City, Stockton

Push your luck and test your limits when you plow through one of the world’s largest indoor airsoft arenas at CQB City. Take aim from behind a variety of obstacles and stay low as pellets pummel just overhead. Located in Stockton off of 8 Mile Road, CQB City is ready to take your tactical experience to the next level with their weekend public tournaments and Friday zombie runs. Don’t have your gear or looking for upgrades? Stop into their on-site store and stock up on supplies! Reserve your next birthday party or host your private function in their facility for unforgettable fun.


Oak Park Ice Arena, Stockton

Slip on a pair of skates and hit the rounded corners of Oak Park Ice Skate arena! Open year-round, this indoor rink hosts an incredible birthday party venue with rental opportunities for those who don’t yet have blades of their own. Drop in for hockey, figure skating or some practice alongside fellow skaters at your skill level.


LTF Adventures, Stockton

Learn the curves and contours of some classy cars when you spend a few rounds behind the wheel at LTF Adventures. Whether you want to experience the rush of a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche provided by these professionals, you’ll have six laps to traverse with the help of an instructor at your side. Each track is customized to meet your skill level and to optimize your enjoyment. Reserve the ride of your life today!


Zaps Zone, Stockton

Check your corners and stay close to the walls when you’re at Zaps Zone, a two-story laser tag complex located in Stockton near Hammer Lane. Ready your weapon and choose your point of entry while fog fills your field of vision. Race up the ramps with your teammates in tow in the short span of time you have to prepare for the oncoming attack. When your time is up take ten for some light refreshments and enjoy the arcade in their lobby.




Parachute Center, Acampo

Fancy a fall from new heights? Then drop on in to Parachute Center! Having celebrated their 50th anniversary, these professionals will teach you the proper way to plunge straight out of an airplane from a spectacular 13,000 feet! For a little extra, you can request a photo or video taken during your daring descent. Not yet ready for a solo expedition? Dive into the deep blue skies of the Central Valley with an instructor on Parachute Center’s Tandem Jump!



Spreckels Park BMX, Manteca

Grab your bike, your gear and get ready to hit this USA/BMX sanctioned track with other bicycle motocross enthusiasts at Spreckels Park BMX! Prepare yourself for major air and hard turns as you and several others compete for the finish line. While this park is open to the public for all ages and levels of experience, Sundays are reserved for members alone. Care to compete that day? Spreckels BMX offers a one time, one-day membership pass to test your skills against their best. Signups are held between 11 and 1, so make sure you arrive early!



Carnegie SVRA, Tracy

With the roar of the engine and 1300 acres worth of ground to cover, Carnegie SVRA is the destination for all your high speed, off-roading needs. An array of tracks and twisting trails come well equipped for anyone ready for a rough ride, be you a bold beginner or a polished professional. Located in the rugged foothills looming beyond Tracy, a short trip down Corral Hollow road will land you in steep slopes, rocky roadsides and crippling canyons. Reward yourself by revving up that engine and heading on down to Carnegie SVRA!



Stonehenge Indoor Climbing Gym, Modesto

Watch your grip when heading to Stonehenge! This rock climbing paradise is an indoor gym that focuses on propelling you higher as you hone your strength, flexibility and balance. Folks of all ages are welcome to test their skill as they put one foot over the other in an effort to continue up and toward their goal at the very top of the wall. Be prepared for a fun-filled day without the hazardous plunge. Don’t be afraid to bring the party to you with Stonehenge’s portable rock climbing wall, for all of your special event needs!