Nuptial Pups

Emily 2

by Heather Isbill

Including pets in nuptial ceremonies is a growing trend. Pets represent an important link in a couple’s relationship – much like a child. Heck, most pet owners will not even date someone who doesn’t love their pup like their own… let alone marry them!

Before you let your pooch walk you down the aisle, carry your tiny teacup dog or princess kitty as your bouquet, let your canine bear your ring, or stand in as your best man, we’ve got some important tips to consider:

Choose Your Vendor and Venue Carefully. Ask about the possibility of pets, and consider their pet friendly accommodations, as well as the lay of the land.

Consider Your Pet’s Temperament. Your furry pal has to be up to the task- no matter what, so it is important that their personality and obedience is suited for the role.

Make Your Pet Feel as Comfortable as Possible. Let your pet sniff out the place in advance, so when the big day comes, he is familiar with it. If clothing is involved, let her break it in first.

Avoid Accidents. Feed pets well in advance so there is plenty of time for them to their business.

Tote the Treats. Reward your pet throughout the day for being an important part of your wedding party.

Lastly, remember not everyone is as loving or tolerant of your beloved pets as you, so make sure they are in good hands when not involved in the ceremonial celebrations.

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