The Men Behind the Mic

opener2The Central Valley’s newest country station, The Bull 105.9FM, brings Stockton its own, exclusive, country identity and injection of Stockton pride. The station expresses musical freedom, playing the hottest new country from artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney; and solidifies its own personality with larger-than-life hosts and one-of-a-kind morning and afternoon shows.

Two hosts that grab The Bull by its horns, and maintain the local station’s mission are Randy “Bubba” Black and “Johnny Stockton.” Both Delta College radio station KSJC alumni, and passionate radio personalities, these two are sure to enhance your workday, ride home and moments in between with sounds that rival well-known stations.

From San Joaquin, and Stanislaus to Merced County, Randy’s voice has been heard across radio waves for decades. Randy lends his unmistakable voice (and personality) to stations of all genres, including broadcasts on Kat Country, KWIN, KHOP, KHTN, and now, The Bull.

As a child, Randy was outspoken and “the kid in class who talked too much.” He was a straight A student, but hyper active. His bad behavior often left him grounded and stuck inside. So, he found a way to entertain himself, redirecting his attention to records, scratching and mixing. He lived on a corner near the city’s only bike track, where people gathered to ride or break dance. Randy would open the windows and turn up the music, creating his own little imaginary radio station.

After spending several years at various stations, and a 17-year run as Program Director/DJ at KAT Country in Modesto and Stockton, Randy decided to take a break in 2011. But, it wasn’t long before he yearned to return, “Radio is where my heart’s set,” he says. Soon after his return to the airwaves, Randy helped establish The Bull, calling Johnny Milford, also known as Johnny Stockton, out of his 1996 retirement to be part of the team. Thus, the valley’s newest country station, The Bull @ 105.9FM was born, debuting on March 17, 2014.

Johnny, born and raised in Stockton, says, “It was the perfect timing,” in regards to Randy’s call. “I would be crazy not to be a part of The Bull.” Also deeply rooted in radio, Johnny discovered his passion at seven years old. His brother won a contest, and upon their visit to the KJOY radio station, Johnny looked at the DJ and thought, “that’s the job for me!” Beginning in 1983, Johnny Stockton came to host several evening, morning and afternoon shows throughout the valley, across all genres, from KWIN to 104.1 playing the Top 40 countdown.

Today, both Johnny and Randy bring passion and a personality all their own to the regions newest station, with morning and afternoon shows. Catch Randy “Bubba” Black every morning from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Johnny Stockton during his afternoon show from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Each evening at 5 p.m., Johnny launches the Country Fried Mix by DJ Sinister, giving audiences a fusion of hip-hop and country for their ride home. Though the mix caters to a new synthesis of genres, the ability to play with sounds is what Johnny describes as “the best part”, and reminiscent of “how radio used to be.”

He describes The Bull as a somewhat autonomous project that does not have to behold to Wall Street interests. “Jobs like this don’t exist anymore. We can afford to take musical risks.” For Randy, the station serves as a creative outlet, “It drives me. More music, less talk” he adds, “It is theatre of the mind.” Nothing compares to the rush of playing music and being the voice that helps spread positive messages in what he describes as a “license to serve the community.”

Individually, both Randy and Johnny exercise their passion using radio as an imaginative outlet, while shining worthy light on Stockton. “Our message is local,” Randy says, “And through our message we hope to reach our listeners with all things good that come from our city.” Johnny agrees, as he speaks of his listeners, saying, “I am here because I want to be, not because I have to be…It sure beats working for a living!”



*For More Information:

The Bull @ 105.9FM

(209) 462-1059

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