DIY Photo Line


Showcasing special moments within your family brings warmth and character to your home. Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, vacations and newborns fill our camera and computer hard drive, and although we cherish the moment the photo captures, sometimes it is difficult to showcase all of those milestones without cluttering end tables and entertainment areas.

Photo lovers unite, because this month’s DIY project can utilize all of your photos throughout the years in a simplistic and contemporary style. A hanging photo line will effortlessly adorn your wall with all of your favorite memories. You can display your photos in a super-fun time-line form, or you can dedicate separate lines to specific vacations or events. Depending on your wall space, you can display upwards of fifty photos on one line, and can have multiple lines on one wall. The materials you need for this project will costs you under $30, the most expensive part will be printing your photos. As the photos are the focal point, have a little fun with this aspect. Decide if you’d like to have them printed in black and white, or even through a printing service that offers an “instant film,” sepia, borders or vintage look. You can also try the printer for stickers, which could give a desired glossy look on your wall. There are many websites like The Daily Tell, where you can find enough information and reviews regarding buying a printer. Also, the style in which you choose to print your photos will have the largest aesthetic effect, so be sure to match your décor and the vibe within your home. In addition to your photos, you will need: a bundle of yarn for measuring, tape to secure the yarn, scissors, wire cutters and wire for hanging. The wire, or cable, you choose can be light and delicate, or thick and industrial, depending on the look you’re going for. Wire can be obtained from any home improvement or craft store in your area, and we suggest getting a bit extra to make room for mistakes or changes. You will also need two wire sleeves at the same thickness of your chosen wire, a set of two screw eyes, and one screw eye with a hook turnbuckle, for each line you plan to hang. Now, choose your wall. Photo lines are perfect for bare walls that need a little spice, so don’t over-clutter if your walls are boasting paintings or mirrors. Take your lonely wall and secure a tester line of yarn to each end. Here, you can play with the shape of your photo line, to decide whether you want it secured tightly, straight across your wall, or hung with slack for a crescent shape.

Once you’ve decided on shape and length, measure your yarn against the cable, so you are able to cut to size. Now, for assembly:

ONE Loop one end of your wire through the turnbuckle screw eye and fasten the sleeve to secure the loop.

TWO Use a level, and drill a hole at the beginning point of your line and screw in your eye screws.

THREE Grab the other end of your wire and loop it around your other eye screw, slipping it on the sleeve. Trim off any remaining wire.

FOUR Pull the wire the your desired tightness and fasten the sleeve. If after hanging your photos, you feel the wire is too droopy, you can use the turnbuckle to contract the wire and pull it tighter.

Now that your line is secured, you can choose a way to display your photos on the line. This can be done with clothespins for a country-chic look, industrial clips for a contemporary look or even binder clips if you choose to hang in your office. Now get to hanging, and displaying all of your family’s wonderful memories!

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