In 2006 Kathleen Jennison considered her job as a public accountant her identity, and her life. She was passionate and successful in her field, which brought her many joys. One day, during her commute home, she decided to take the scenic route, a decision that unknowingly changed her life. While on highway 121, she neared a car stopped on the highway. Jennison tried to steer onto the shoulder, but was sent over the side of the mountain falling 100 yards down the cliff. The accident left Kathleen badly injured, facing a six-month recovery and extensive cognitive therapy.

Jennison’s doctors suggested she take a drawing class to exercise her depth perception. So, Kathleen began researching art schools and decided to enroll at the Art Institute of Sacramento. Following her first graphing class, she enrolled in additional classes and ultimately decided to pursue a degree in interior design in 2008. 2Throughout school and rehabilitation, Kathleen blogged about her struggles, successes and breakthroughs. The network she built in her position as a public accountant showed her support and responded positively to her career change, reaching out to her for help with their home and office design. By 2009 Kathleen was running her own business, Kathleen Jennison Design and Build. Kathleen quickly established herself in the design community, and became an active member of the National Association of Remodeling Industry, and the American Society of Interior Designers. In 2012 Kathleen moved her business focal point to Stockton, where she opened her workshop. The shop gives her an opportunity to provide samples and visuals to her clients. “Now instead of just looking at photos or samples my clients can reach out and touch it, or sit in it. It really puts things into perspective!” This aspect is important to Jennison, as she strives to capture the individual vision and vibe of each client. “When I first meet with my clients, we discuss how they want to the room to feel,” she explains. After the first consultation, Kathleen compiles choices for her clients varying in price and creates two different 3D renderings that show every detailed aspect of the design, to scale, like furniture placement, paint and rugs. At that point, the home or business owner can pick and choose their items from the two renderings to make their picture-perfect room.

If you are looking for a creative re-vamp of your existing home or office, or are a new buyer or remodeler looking to start anew, Kathleen is the designer
for you!

Allied ASID, IIDA Associate, CID#6701, CSLB#944304
117 W. Harding Way
Stockton, (209) 915-0442
[email protected]