Twin Arbors Barre Fusion Program

Barre Fusion
Build long, lean muscles

 By Angela Rudolph / D By Sophia Elle
Diana Brown, who has taught fitness classes since 2008, is dabbling in a new exercise field—barre fusion. Taught at Twin Arbors Private Sports Club, the fitness instructor is all in on the multi-faceted new trend, offering up plenty of physical benefits. “The most rewarding aspect of barre fusion for me is that I can see changes in our members’ strength, form, and posture,” Diana says. “The barre fusion format is low-impact and challenging, making it both stimulating and fun!”
What is barre fusion?
Traditional barre involves movements that combine ballet and Pilates. This barre fusion class incorporates those traditional barre moves with strength training work and with Pilates-cued core work, creating a dynamic combination and a whole-body workout. Glutes are firmed, shaped, and elevated, legs are strengthened, the upper body gains strength and endurance, and the core is challenged.
Who should give it a try?
Everyone from beginners to advanced will be challenged during a barre fusion class by using individualized variations in movements available for each participant.
How does barre fusion shape muscles?
Barre fusion tends to create long lean muscles when it incorporates light weights with many reps. The movements tend to build endurance and work muscles in an elongated state supporting strength, balance, and good posture. Reaching through arms and legs in certain moves increases core stability because it’s necessary to keep the belly pulled in to achieve that length.
Is barre fusion a good choice of exercise for those looking to increase longevity?
Yes, this format increases your core stability and balance, both of which are important aspects of longevity. The mind-body connection is also an important component of the class. The key throughout class is to mindfully engage your core by pulling your belly in, wrapping the ribs closed, and finishing each movement with a Pilates exhale..