New running group takes a bite out of fitness

There is a special group of sharks that have built a reputation for moving on land, and if you’re scratching your head about who they are, better move that arm on top of your head and make it a fin. The group is the Lodi Land Sharks Running Co., and they are making waves with their sneakers on the track every Sunday and Wednesday morning!

“The Land Sharks Running Co. is about four things—grit, consistency, community, and guidance”, says coach Lucas Garrett, who not only leads the bi-weekly workouts with a variety of drills to improve endurance and prevent injury, but also offers one-on-one fitness coaching. “We know that by using these four core values we can achieve any surmountable goal. We know that if you follow the plan we provide, you will see massive gains, not only in running, but in mental strength and durability.” 

So, who should consider becoming a shark? Lace up those sneakers and hit the track because “The club is for everyone,” says Lucas. “We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners in the club, and our members range from age 4 to 65. The great thing about running is all you need is a pair of shoes and a great group of people to hang out with.” (Tip: Get your shoes at Fleet Feet in Stockton).

“We are all just highly motivated people that like to have a good time and enjoy movement. Running isn’t just for fitness. It is for community, mental health, and longevity. The fitness is just a side effect that running offers. We give each other a ‘fins up’ and cheer each other on,” Lucas says. “We like to take pictures and give out high-fives. Join us in finding motivation through movement.”

The Lodi Sharks Running Co. meets on Sundays at 7 AM at the Lodi Headwater Boat House and Wednesdays at 5:15 AM at Lodi High School. It’s free to attend, so come on out and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @land_sharks_running_co for news and updates. #FinsUp!