Stockton-based chef and restaurant owner reimagines Taco Bell favorites

We all have the occasional craving for the delicious and dangerous Taco Bell menu, and there’s no shame in that game. But what if you could get those favorites without sacrificing taste or quality? While fast food sometimes satisfies our worst cravings, we’ve learned it’s possible to get similar menu items without the guilt, with fresher ingredients, and with a little more innovation.

Cuahtemoc (Cuate), chef and owner of Don Luis Mexican Restaurant and El Chilango Chido (both in Stockton), has concocted two of his own renditions of popular TB menu items. If you’re jonesing for a Crunchwrap Supreme or Cheesy Gordita Crunch, step into one of Don’s establishments and order a dupe from the secret menu (available upon request). The tasty treats uses the same base ingredients as Taco Bell with a little flair and a lot more authentic Mexican flavor.

For the Crunchwrap Supreme, choose between fajita-style chicken or beef—no ground beef here—seasoned and wrapped in a flour tortilla, loaded with cheese, and perfectly melted on the grill. A sour cream and chipotle aioli dressing gives it a little spice before its finished with lettuce, just like the original. Perhaps the best feature is the extra crunch, created by adding chips (the same used in the restaurants chips and salsa appetizer) inside.

With the Cheesy Gordita Crunch-esque item, a larger flour tortilla is used. Loaded with melty American and Jack cheese, Chile Colorado beef makes all the difference in taste. The dish is finished with lettuce, pico de gallo, and jalapenos, all wrapped up in an oversized grilled tortilla that is much larger than the original, before it’s finished with a sour cream and chipotle dressing for added flavor and a bit of a kick. You can also forgo the beef and opt for chicken instead, marinated in a mole sauce.

The flavor profiles of the dishes are unique while the presentation stays close to the original. The end product is an elevated reimagining of favorite fast-food items cooked by a professional chef in a gourmet kitchen.

Try for yourself:

El Chilango Chido

2535A Pacific Ave., Stockton

(209) 808-5075


Don Luis Mexican Restaurant

5940 CA-99, Stockton

(209) 931-9163