Sacramento boasts five course ziplining adventure

Zip & Sip (Coffee)

Zipping through the trees may sound like an activity saved for exotic vacations, however, TreeTopSac makes the high-flying activity accessible for families in San Joaquin County. Located just over county lines in Sacramento, Calif., TreeTopSac is a family-friendly adventure park offering several ways to try out ziplining with family and friends.

Located 10 minutes outside of Downtown Sac, 150-year-old heritage oak trees are the backdrop for this adrenaline pumping activity—and the source of shade that makes zipping in warmer months more than tolerable. Guests choose between five parkour courses with varying levels of difficulty and several obstacles to complete from suspension bridges, tight ropes and more. Every single one also ends with a zipline as you plummet to the earth at high (but safe) speeds.

So how does it work? Whether joining TreeTopSac for an afterschool climbing session or opting for one of the very popular sunset climbs, every visit starts with check-in 10-15 minutes prior to your allotted climb time, a gear introduction to explain the basics and a mini ground school course to introduce the belay system before hitting the ground running (and climbing and swaying through the trees).

A day at TreeTopSac includes access to all give parkour courses and every obstacle offered. Kids and adults will challenge their balance, physical abilities, and nerves while getting a quality workout, engaging muscles you didn’t even know you had. Perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of each course is the ending zip, where clinching your belay system to a descending line results in a soft landing on the forest floor.

While You’re There

Grab Coffee
The coffee at TreeTopSac may be worth the trip alone. Sourced directly from Ecuador, there is only one separation from the farmers providing the beans to the roasting facility housed in Elk Grove. “Our coffee rates 80 points or higher,” says Kale Wisnia, owner and principle architect at TreeTopSac. “The quality and sustainability of what we provide is important to us.”

Book your next adventure
Night climbs are easily the most popular event at TreeTopSac, often selling out in advance. That means you may want to book the monthly event early, planned around a full moon for optimal lighting.

Get Climbing:
1300 Lake Washington Blvd., West Sacramento
(916) 893-1596