D’lilah’s Cakery turns out themed holiday treats and more

Creative & Colorful Cupcakes

Whether you’re embracing the love or showing it your favorite finger this year, D’lilah of D’liliah’s Cakery has you covered, turning out creative confections including treats decorated with rustic fresh flowers and vibrant pinks with red hearts. One of the best sellers are D’lilah’s f*** love embossed sugar cookies, a huge hit every year. “The girlies love these,” she says.

And while D’lilah’s inspiration is often in the aesthetics, she assures her treats, cupcakes included, are made with the best ingredients possible. Visual appeal may be her first requirement, but nothing squeaks by tasting less than delicious at D’lilah’s. “I wanted to bring creativity to food, without lacking the flavor, and my cupcakes embody just that,” she says.

In addition to fun and festive decorating, D’lilah’s cupcakes are made with airy and light buttercream frosting, concocted from Swiss meringue with real butter and no shortening. She says the combination is the reason they taste so good.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, when some of the most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry, D’lilah also creates eye-catching cakes and cupcakes on the daily. Her carnival cupcakes are a long-time favorite. “I wanted to literally put a carnival on a cupcake, and so I did,” D’lilah says. The result is a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting (so as not to compete with the toppings) finished with just about everything you’d find at a carnival including a fresh funnel cake with strawberry sauce, cotton candy, and caramel corn. The sprinkles add a fun dash of color to bring the dessert to life. “Creativity is everything for me. Like what would be fun to eat? And I just go for it.”

Some of D’lilah’s other specialties include brunch cupcakes (which San Joaquin Magazine has featured before) and mermaid lemonades.

D’lilah discovered her love of baking back in high school when she realized she wanted to make cakes for a living. “I’ve been baking most my life,” she says. Her decision to open in Stockton was to fill a void she thought existed in a dessert place for young adults. “I felt the area needed a fun dessert place.”

Mix it Up

Gift a Valentine’s Day goodie box, which consists of two cupcakes, one red velvet with cream cheese and one vanilla, one brownie, one blondie, and a strawberry shortcake cake jar for only $20.

D’lilah’s Cakery
445 W. Weber Ave., Ste. 142, Stockton
(209) 740-1026