Jan. 1 is National Bloody Mary Day

How To Make the Best Bloody Mary

If you went all out for New Years, then January 1 may call for some hair of the dog—that’s why the first day of the New Year is dubbed National Bloody Mary Day here in America. With alcohol to relieve headaches and body pain, salt to replenish electrolytes, and vegetables to settle the stomach, it’s a common hangover “cure” for the masses. Not to mention that stalk of celery as garnish is mostly water for rehydration and if you’ve got it topped with bacon, that’s more salt and a little grease to calm nausea.

So, how do you make the best Bloody Mary in the land? Start with your base. Vodka is the most common mixer for a Bloody Mary, but you can also make it with mezcal, gin, or even add a dash of whiskey to your vodka-base. Then comes the juice. While tomato juice is the most common, using a vegetable juice that includes other vitamins and nutrients may also taste better. Make it easy by reaching for V8 to maintain the tomato-heavy flavor profile and consider adding pickle juice to the mix. Or, if you like the classic, go with clamato.

Some experts suggest prepping your Bloody Mary ahead of time, chilling the juice (with spices added, for at least an hour and maybe even overnight) for the best results.

Next, choose your hear level. You may often hear bartenders asking how spicy you want your Bloody Mary to be, so considering personal tolerance is important. If you like it hot, throw in some Tabasco or even a habanero hot sauce. For milder spice, pepper, vinegar, celery seed, salt, Worcestershire, and horseradish are all go-tos.

The last step in concocting the perfect at-home Bloody Mary is the garnish, which can easily become the most fun part of the venture. Start with a celery stalk and maybe some green beans or green olives. Asparagus or pickle spears are good picks, too. Or replace breakfast with the damn thing by adding bacon, an angus beef slider, and whatever else you can get your hands on.

Get it Local

Does this sound like too much work when your head is pounding? These local spots have a reputation for being the best when it comes to whipping up a masterful Bloody Mary.

  1. American Waffle Diner
  2. West Oak Nosh
  3. Ave on the Mile
  4. Market Tavern
  5. Ollie’s Pub