Three to Try

The Quesabirria Craze Hits the 209

One of the hottest taco trends of 2021 has finally hit the 209, and we’re not mad at it. The Quesabirria is gracing menus all over SJ county and we’re sharing our top three tacos for your eating enjoyment. But what exactly is it? Quesabirria is a compound word combining everyone’s favorite queso, cheese, and birria—the traditional Mexican stew. It’s a delicious cross between a quesadilla and a taco, grilled on a flattop to perfection, and served with a rich consommé or beef broth. The result? A savory, satisfying taco trend that we pray is here to stay.

Taqueria El Rinconcito Grill
920 S. Cherokee Ln., Lodi, (209) 426-5142,

At one Lodi’s newest taquerias, tucked away in a strip mall on Cherokee Lane, you will find the tastiest quesabirria. The soft corn tortillas are grilled to a crisp on a flattop with melted cheese, marinated chunks of braised shredded beef, onions, and cilantro. El Riconcito’s version is loaded with flavor; savory, succulent, and oozing with cheese. Be sure to dip your tacos in the rich beef consommé, which gets its flavor from the leftover braising liquid from the beef and added cilantro, onions, and chiles.

Corrina’s Taqueria
228 S. Sacramento St., Lodi, (209) 400-8661

Formerly known as Charle’s Place, the newly re-branded Corrina’s Taqueria serves up both the traditional quesabirria as well as a chicken version. We fell hard for the chicken quesabirria with chunks of marinated, seasoned chicken grilled to perfection. And the cheesy tortillas are all the rage, stuffed to the brim with chicken and garnished with a colorful concoction of cilantro, onions, salsa verde, and ALL the flavor. Their consommé is also a win, with added cilantro, onions, and a hint of heat. They serve the quesabirria alongside pickled jalapenos, radish, and lime, setting it apart from other versions.

Los Charros Birrieria
215 S. Cherokee Ln., Lodi, (209) 625-8462

At Los Charros Birrieria, you will find the simplest version of the quesabirria—no frills, no fussy garnish, just seriously flavorful braised beef and chiles. The consommé is equally as decadent, with deep flavors of chili, beef broth, and a hint of cinnamon and clove. The broth speaks for itself, begging you to dip every single bite before consuming. And don’t miss out on the grilled jalapeno and onion on the side.