Tia Linda’s brings a twist to wine country

The Next Margaritaville

Since their launch in 2020, Tia Linda’s Margarita—a quick-growing, Lodi-based, and family-owned and operated business—has carved out a loyal following among local wine and beer enthusiasts and is ready to take summer by storm.
Lodi native Meghan Hayward, along with brother Graham Christy and good friend Mike Stroh, founded Tia Linda’s Margarita. Meghan’s father, Dan, joined to spearhead sales. As a result, their Aunt Linda’s family-famous margaritas found their footing in wine country.
“Wine and beer have definitely come into the spotlight of our region and we feel Tia Linda’s is a perfect fit to be alongside both,” Meghan says. “We have a lot of similar principles to many of the local producers in that we are starting with all-natural premium ingredients, we’re family owned and pushing to create something new that stands out while enhancing people’s lives with a little spirit and fun!”
And Tia Linda’s certainly does stand out among the mass-produced, ready-to-drink cocktail options you’ll find at the store. It’s closer to the margarita you’d expect to find at your favorite bar than in a bottle.
With talk of new flavors and a physical Tia Linda’s location, could Lodi be the next Margaritaville? Well, as Meghan says, “Who wouldn’t want a Margarita stop along the wine trail?”
For the time being, you can pick up your Tia Linda’s at Lodi Avenue Liquors, Lakewood Liquors, SaveMart in Lodi, Woodbridge Country Club, and other local retailers (a complete list of locations is online). So, the only question left is… What’s the best way to enjoy your Tia Linda’s? That depends on who you ask!
Meghan: “I prefer mine blended, slushy style!”
Graham: “Straight from a cold can or out of the bottle, on the rocks with a salted rim.”
Mike: “On the rocks, no salt.”
Dan: “Any way!”

Tia Linda’s Margarita

Can it
This summer, you can leave the glasses and the original 1.75-liter bottle at home: the Tia Linda’s Margaritas are ready to go anywhere you go in a brand new 200ml can. “They’re perfect for river runs or poolside where glass just isn’t as convenient,” Meghan says. Margaritas on the beach, anyone?